Wellness: Smoothies 101

Become a smoothie junkie!  There are a myriad of benefits for popping a meal into your blender.  Here’s what I recommend you start with, a few fundamental tools and essentials, and you’re off and running:


1.  Blender.  You don’t need a $500 blender!  I use the Osterizer.  I’ve burnt out a few cheaper models, this is the one that’s lasted  two years and counting.  It’s $60 and you can get it at any Walmart or Target.  It can handle the load!


2.  Flavored Syrups!  The best is Torani.  They have a great flavor pack of 6 different flavors that will last you forever.  Ya gotta have flavors without the calories, sugars, and extremely low carbs!  These are the very best and dirt cheap.  Take my word for it, get them on Amazon.


3.  Extracts.  Vanilla, Coconut, Hazlenut, Caramel, Rum, etc.  Flavor, flavor, flavor.  Need I say more?


4.  Coconut Water.  Make ice cubes out of it.  If you don’t like coconut water, don’t bother.  You can use oj, pineapple juice, etc.


5.  Juices, Milks, Yogurts.  SUGAR FREE juices, FAT FREE milks and FAT FREE and GREEK yogurts!  The flavor comes in the syrup and the extracts.


6.  Protein Powder.  YES, everyone needs protein powder.  Unless you are a professional bodybuilder, YOU are definitely not taking in enough protein to maintain your muscle mass.  Period.  For protein powders I only will use About Time.  

About Time is the perfect combination for us because it is only ONE product:  Whey Protein!  Not one other ingredient!  Most other powders are chock full of everything else.  And they offer a nice selection of unique flavors as well.


7.  Shaker Cup.  Have Smoothie, will travel.  Take that smoothie to go!  Made two servings and it’s only you?  Want to make two save one?  Shaker cups are indispensable.  Buy one, on second thought, buy two!

But, if you want to shop around, try to find one that is as close as possible to this nutritional content:  1 scoop–>100cal–>0grFat–>1grCarb–>25grProt. Go to your nutrition store to find the one that fits your needs the best.  A privately owned one is better than a large chain store (sorry Vitamin Store, GNC).

You are all set to go!  You now have the essentials to build fantastic tasting smoothies.There are endless possibilities and can be used as healthy meal replacements in sensible weight management programs.  They are also fantastic as pre-workout and post-workout options.

I HATE the billion dollar industry marketing all the quick fix garbage products espousing the latest and greatest protein shakes, bars, meal programs.  Wellness is grounded in sensible meal planning with good wholesome food and safe regular exercise.  Period!

Here’s to your wellness!

The Hawaiian:  A Perfect Balance of Carbs::Protein


2 Servings

8oz Tropicana 50% OJ
1/2 cup frozen pineapple chunks
2 cups fresh strawberries
2 tbsp flaxseeds
2 scoops vanilla protein powder
2 tbsp Torani Vanilla syrup
1tsp coconut extract
Blend all ingredients together BEFORE you add ice cubes!
Add 5 coconut ice cubes

Nutritional Info:

Sat Fat–.4

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