Wellness: Smoothie Time

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Smoothies are an incredible source of energy, well balanced nutrition. The key is to invest in a really good blender (and don’t whine about the price, you’re worth it). That’s a weapon that, if you use diligently, your body will thank you over and over for it!

Do these steps in order (It does matter!)

  1. Blend your non-frozen ingredients first.
  2. Add any frozen ingredients.
  3. Add the ice last so you can adjust your level of frozen goodness!
  4. Finally, you can adjust the level of extract/syrup if you have too little sweetness for your liking.
  5. Enjoy!

Orange Protein Punch

Serves 2

8oz Tropicana 50 OJ
2 Scoops About Time Protein Powder
2 1/2 tbsp Nuts N’ More Peanut Butter (or any natural peanut butter)
2 tbsp Torani Raspberry Syrup
1 tsp Orange Extract
1 Cup Frozen Mango Chunks
7 Coconut Water Icecubes (plain is fine, but coconut adds nice flavor, or you can use 1 tsp Coconut extract and 7 icecubes)
Blend and enjoy!


Per Serving:

Calories:  306
Fat:  7.5g
Sat Fat:  .4g
Carb:  27.8g
Protein:  33.6g

Now go out there and grab that day!

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