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Poetry: Resolute In Rage

Embittered winter
spreads rancor
erudite in malice.

Irreverent arbitrate
disdains masses
sardonic in verse.

Vengeful slayer
inflicts brutality
pitiless in wrath.

Steadfast rime
immovable blight
resolute in rage.

Poetry: In My Heart True

Yet in solemn winter, beauty must end
And the singing of birds sure fades away
No longer in thick leaves to sit and lend
A joyous tune to the children who play.
So all the color from the world does fade
So swiftly the land becomes just one hue
Thus under the snow sweet flora is laid
The color and splendor taken from view.
Grasped so swiftly, and shaken to death
All that is lovely and warm on this earth
By the abject rue of cold winter’s breath
Still truly I say there still is much mirth:
For in my heart true, I sing soft and coo,
Thankful refrains of this joy that is you.

Poetry: Cold Reaper

I scorn the scowls
of winter’s reaper
steel slicing scythe
his corded calamity!

Who grabs the life
from my chest
a killing clutch
his murderous glee!

Cold stagnant breath
rots my cheek
putrid frigid blight
his icy stagnancy!

Loud howling voice
a solemn knell
the endless tolling
his ringing revelry!

Oh scavenger of
dark March day
die a death
so set me free!

Poetry: Brief Reprieve

Cold haze
slow releases
from naked trees
long barren
that squirrel
on a
narrow fence
twitching precision
left right
abrupt and
February’s day
briefly kind
pithy benevolence
lets April play
though brief
this reprieve
far distant
birds jubilant song

My Photography: courtyard

Thought I’d start a new section of my blog using my newfound passion for photography. I see poetry all around me, I’d like to share my views of the world using just my Samsung phone for now–horrendous camera fyi.  Then I’m using a basic photo editor to manipulate them into mypoeticlife!

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