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Chakras: Balancing and Clearing

Chakra Balancing And Clearing On Miraculousendeavors.org

Understanding the location of your chakras and visualizing their presence within your body will greatly enhance the ability of you to balance and clear your chakras with very little effort.  Within a few sessions you will be amazed how differently you feel as you go about your day!

The full benefits of chakra energy healing is simply amazing when all seven major chakras are balanced.  Our intent in this chakra clearing meditation is to open the chakras (if too closed), clearing chakras of negative energy by transforming to positive, and balancing the energy of all the 7 chakras.

7 chakrasIt is important to understand not to obsess over right way / wrong way, too open / too closed, too fast/too slow, too negative/too positive. Just focus on your ability to balance the chakra system to its optimum healing potential FOR YOU.

When visualizing your chakras and their condition, your first instinct is the correct one. Don’t second guess yourself. Have faith in your ability to do this and allow your intent to accomplish perfect chakra balance for you.

Now that you have completed the preparation exercise, let’s begin with the chakra balancing meditation and how to use chakra visualization:


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Direct your attention to your Root Chakra located at the base of your spine.  Visualize a spinning Red disk about the size of your hand.  This chakra contains the energy of stability and strength.  Envision a spiral vortex of energy coming up through the base of the spine, dissipating the energy of any worries or anxiety you have.  Take a few moments to visualize and feel this energy.


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Moving up the spine, you will now focus your mind on the sacral chakra, the second chakra located about 2 fingers below your belly button.  Visualize a spinning Orange disk about the size of your hand.  Envision a spiral vortex of orange energy flowing up from the base chakra into the sacral chakra with ease and synchronicity.  Take a few moments to visualize and feel the energy being drawn up through the earth, into your base chakra and effortlessly flowing into your sacral chakra.  Move on to the next chakra when you feel confident these to lower chakras are free-flowing, open and aligned.


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We now reach the solar plexus chakra located about 2 fingers above your belly button. Visualize a brilliant yellow spinning disk about the size of your hand. Further envision the spiral vortex of healing energy flowing up from the earth through the (red) root chakra, through the (orange) sacral chakra and into the (yellow) solar plexus chakra. Take a few moments to focus on how these chakras are delivering healing energy to entire lower half of your body. When you feel balance, proceed.


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Moving on to the heart chakra, we now visualize a spinning emerald-green disk, the size of your hand, located in the center of your chest.  The heart chakra is particularly important because it is the gateway from the lower chakras (or earthly energies) into the higher self or higher state of consciousness and being.  Visualize the spiral vortex of energy feeding and spinning your heart chakra.

Be mindful not to allow the heart chakra to be too large or too small, it should be about the size of your hand. This is important as all your chakras should be the same size and be synchronized to work together.  If your heart chakra is too open or completely closed, this will create a great disturbance in your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual well-being. That said, spend a few minutes visualizing all 4 chakras working together with the vortex of healing energy.



We now reach the throat chakra (the location is self-explanatory 😉 ).  Throat chakra healing is particularly important in those too scared to communicate, or talk too much and never listen. Visualize a brilliant blue disk about the size of your hand spinning in the center of the throat area.  Allow the spiral vortex to move upward from the heart and now feeding the movement of the spinning chakra.  You know the drill by now!  Take a moment to visualize all chakras working together in harmony.



The 3rd eye chakra is located between your eyebrows in the center of the forehead. Visualize a spinning indigo disk about the size of your hand rotating in the center of your forehead. The health of the 3rd eye chakra is critical in spiritual development and it is considered the center of all psychic capabilities, intuition and is said to be the window to the soul. Take a few minutes to visualize a healthy 3rd eye chakra and allow the spiral vortex of healing energy to flow through your brow chakra.  When you feel comfortable, move on to the Crown Chakra.



The crown chakra is located at the top of your head and is associated with the color violet. Just as our root chakra connects and grounds us to the earth, the crown chakra connects us to the divine, or heavens (whatever your reference may be).  Now envision a spinning violet disk at the top of your head and allow the vortex energy to fill the crown chakra with healing light and clearing away any negative or dark energies.

From there allow the energy to flow out the crown, creating a continuous flow of energy from the earth connecting to the divine.  As you can see by now, the energy vortex has no beginning and no end. You are allowing it’s continuous flow to travel through your chakras and body, creating peace and balance.  Spend as much time as you feel necessary to complete this final step.


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Now take a final moment to focus and visualize all your chakras rotating in harmony. Envision the beauty and brilliance of the chakra colors in each location along your spine.  In your mind’s eye, observe the healing energy vortex entering your root chakra from the earth’s energy, as it travels up through each chakra and finally exiting out the crown.

Envision this continuous flow of energy restoring each chakra to their optimal state of health. In your mind’s eye, surround yourself with a protective bubble’s energy.  This bubble will retain healing energy and deflect any negative energy you may encounter throughout your day.

Chakra energy healing is powerful! Nothing compares to the incredible feeling of clearing chakras free flowing energy.  This chakra balancing meditation is a mental exercise but you should be feeling the physical effects within the next 20 minutes, if not immediately.

Take one final deep breath and fill your lungs with rich oxygen, and voila! You are done! You should feel refreshed, balanced and calm.

The 7 Components Of Wellness

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What are the 7 major components and how can you incorporate them into my life?  Funny you should ask, I was wondering about them myself.  Well, I just so happen to have them right here!  Happy living.

1. Physical


Physical wellness can refer to any of the aspects that are needed to keep your body in top condition. Consuming a healthy diet and getting an adequate amount of exercise to build cardiovascular health, endurance or flexibility are essential to this goal.

You are responsible for your health care which means treating minor conditions and consulting a professional to manage more serious conditions. On the path to good physical health, you should

  • Monitor warning signs so you understand when your body is not getting the nutrition it needs or establishing an unhealthy state.
  • Keep on top of your physical health which helps to improve determination, self-control and self-esteem.
  • Get a sufficient amount of sleep, avoid harmful substances like tobacco products, get annual physical exams.
  • Know the ideal health numbers for conditions such as weight, cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugar and develop a regular exercise routine.

2. Intellectual


Finding a way to engage in creative and stimulating activities that allow you to share your gifts and expand your knowledge is essential to your overall health.

Those that have high intellectual wellness

  • Engage in the exploration and their understanding of new ideas.
  • Cherish stimulation and mental growth.
  • Get involved in cultural and intellectual activities.

This will allow you to find a path to explore your creativity, problem solving skills and ways to learn more about your personal interests and the world around you. Keeping up with current events and finding new ideas to strike your intellectual curiosity will allow you to continue to grow over time.

3. Emotional


Emotional wellness focuses on ensuring that you are attentive to your feelings, thoughts and behavior. This includes both positive and negative reactions, though overall you should

  • Seek an optimistic approach to life, enjoying life in spite of occasional disappointment
  • Adjust to change and express your emotions appropriately.
  • Express your feelings freely while managing your feelings, allowing yourself to cope with stress in a way that is healthy.

Those working toward a path of emotional wellness will work to

  • Keep a positive attitude.
  • Learn to manage their conditions.
  • Maintain a balance in life by setting their priorities.
  • Seek support for expressing their emotions appropriately.
  • Remain aware of their thoughts and feelings.

4. Spiritual


Spiritual wellness involves discovering a set of beliefs and values that brings purpose to your life. While different groups and individuals have a variety of beliefs regarding spiritualism but the general search for meaning for our existence is considered essential to creating harmony with yourself and others regardless of the path to spirituality you choose to follow.

It is considered healthier to find your own path to the meaning of life that allows you to be tolerant of the beliefs of others and life a life that is consistent with your beliefs. On the path to healthy a healthy spiritual life, you should

  • Apply your values to your actions and decisions.
  • Make time to relax each day.
  • Accept the views of others.
  • Make time for prayer or meditation.

5. Social


Social wellness refers to your ability to interact with people, respect yourself and others, develop meaningful relationships and develop quality communication skills. This allows you to establish a support system of family and friends.

Those with high social wellness believe that it is important to

  • Live in harmony with the environment and others.
  • Consider the common welfare of the community over their own.

Those on the path to healthy social wellness will work to

  • Develop interdependent healthy relationships while developing healthy behavior.
  • Create a balance between their community and the environment.

6. Occupational


The ability to find peace between your leisure time and work time while managing stress from your relationships with coworkers effectively is essential to occupational health. Your work takes up a great deal of your time so it is important to find something that you love to do and gives you a sense of purpose.

To achieve occupational wellness it is important to

  • Feel as though you enjoy your work most days.
  • Feel like you can talk openly with your employer and coworkers.
  • Have a manageable workload.

7. Environmental


The environment can have a significant impact on our feelings about overall health. For developing environmental wellness, you should

  • Live in harmony with your environment.
  • Take action to protect this environment from harm.
  • Minimize behavior that could impact your environment while protecting yourself from environmental hazards.
  • Realize the effects of your daily habits on the world around you.
  • Live a life that is accountable to your short and long term environmental needs.
  • Bring awareness of the Earth’s limits and resource to others.

New!  Just Ruminating On YouTube!


I am happy to announce that I have created a brand spankin’ new account for justruminating on YouTube!  Now I know that YouTube is not in our blogosphere, but heck, I just couldn’t help but compile some of the best videos on different topics that might be of interest to you!

I have created 12 different Playlists (because that’s just how I roll!).  And almost ALL of the playlists is COLLABORATIVE!  Those with a (C) are collaborative.  That means that YOU are welcome to add videos to any of the other playlists as you see fit.  So have fun!

Amazing (C)–mostly magic videos, really amazing stuff!
Ambient Sounds–relaxing background music.
Chillout Beats–mellow club music with a beat.
Funny (C)–as in haha!
Love Songs (C)–my modern favorites (I skipped the 50’s–80’s on purpose).
Meditation-Guided(C)–narrator-assisted videos you can meditate to.
Meditation-Self(C)–meditation videos (relaxation, Tibetan bowls, nature, etc.)
Mental Health (C)–Ted Series lectures on Mental Health topics. More to come!
Sobriety (C)–variety of different videos discussing sobriety.
My Favorites–my personal playlist.
Spoken Word Poets (C)–poets performing their poetry (yay @puppydoc!)
Tao Te Ching–all 81 Tao Te Ching philosophies read. One of the best books ever.
Vasily Ambient God!–if you don’t love these compilations, you’re dead to me!

I have also compiled 22 of the best meditation, mental health, and spoken word poetry channels I could find as well!  you can visit those on my channel as well.

All you have to do is follow the link below and enjoy!  If you feel like subscribing, please feel free.  I will be posting each individual Playlist in the coming days so that they will appear individually in my Category Drop Down Menu.  If you have any suggestions for additional playlists, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  Enjoy.

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