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Poetry: Used To

She’d say

you used to
pen little notes
to me
used to text
all the time

used to
make a nice
dinner on
some nights
and talk to
me for awhile.

you used to
tune into
when I talked
used to smile
at me always

used to
throw me
and show
me why I

I should have
told her why
but by then
retreat was
complete I
used to drift

where I would
imagine the
thoughts I
wanted to say
wanted to share
wanted to feel

where I would
talk about
letting go
moving past
perceived wrongs

and dead pauses
and bad timing
and change
and vagrant looks
and wrong choices

but then
no matter
it was decided
always before I
ever decided
to stop the bleeding

I should have
said that she
never listened
never gave ground
to get beyond
her ugliness

her jealousies
her insecurities
her pettiness
her retribution
for a thousand
paper cuts

She said I inflicted

I should have
come at it
a different way
no matter
she always decided

We should have
quit way back
when the
liquid bandaids
started this
theatre run

doomed almost from
the start
all those lights
actors called in
scabs really
to play parts

which were
hastily sketched
around fragile love
not fleshed out
barely rehearsed
it’s no wonder

I used to and I should have

Poetry: Bitch

So mangy
is this dog
that nips at my heels
matted fur
with a
bitter stench.

Its eyes
half guilty
half wanting
always needing
a morsel
of kind remembrance
staunch in its

Go away
turn that
ragged ass
and slink back
your cold
and lonely
and jealous

There is
no treat for you
I always loved
cats best
at least
you know when
your life
breaks free
they could
give a shit.

You can
find them on
the windowsill
on a warm
sunny day
funny that
is where I am
we are and
you are not.

Poetry: Malodour

A fragrance drifts
incessantly mists
the hair on my neck
is it
reminiscent of lust?

I sense the odor
is in the jar…but
how then
is it that
I smell it?
It being
so far away
and yet
somehow seeping
all around me?

Incessantly creeping
this opiate
from a dark chamber
sleeps in Hamlet’s bed
a dagger seems
easier to love
than the smell of you.

Poetry: Tomb Of A Room

I’m thoroughly surprised
you chose the brocade
over chiffon
my dear
poking at the
only serves to show
insolence and ignorance
and the violins
give me
such a headache
such a migraine
jacketed like a
caterpillar in its
cocoon it’s
no wonder
it’s difficult to
breath in this
stagnant setting
this tomb of a
room we share
but you knew
before the steaks
were cut that
even the open
window wouldn’t
clear this air
didn’t you?

Poetry: Dismissed

You can now
never expunge me
banish me from
your view
delete me from
your life I
am the sentience
past and present
your decay
your debris.

I am blue skies
above you
frozen ground
below you
I possess you
own you
you are

No, you can’t
expunge me
I refute you
I banish you
I delete you
your presence
is hereby

You were nothing
to me mere
dust blowing in
the wind
a frozen planet
I tossed around
for my amusement
I am the Alpha
and the Omega

You will never
eliminate me
the poison of
my presence
has stained
your heart
love can never
again satiate
your needs
your desires
your longings.

I gorge on stars
eviscerate worlds
from my view
drain oceans
level mountains
you are puny
and that is
that is
so undeniable.

Gaze long
with dread into
the abyss that
is your pathetic
wail and cry
choke on the
reality that you
can never erase
ever retrace me
never replace me.

My dear,
it is you who
is expunged
now blow away
you are nothing
your presence is
no longer required
you are

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