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Tao Te Ching 46-55


This is Part IV of a VI part series introducing the Tao Te Ching in audio form.  There are links to the entire text of the Tao at the end of the post, as well as to the previous parts to the series.

Two thousand four hundred years after it was composed, we need the Tao Te Ching’s lessons in self-awareness more than ever. Little can be said with absolute certainty about the origins of the Tao Te Ching. Consensus suggests it was written around 400BC by one Laozi. Laozi translates simply as “old master” – a hint that the author’s (or authors’) true name has been lost for ever.

The Tao Te Ching is a 2,400-year-old reminder that today, as then, every one of us has a choice to practice self-awareness and exercise our own power in and over the world. That might come as more of a nasty wake up call than a comfort to some of us.  Either way, Study this ancient text and be all the wiser on your path to enlightenment!  Namaste!

Chapter 46
When the world follows the Tao,
horses run free to fertilize the fields.
When the world does not follow the Tao,
war horses are bred outside the cities.

There is no greater transgression
than condoning people’s selfish desires,
no greater disaster than being discontent,
and no greater retribution than for greed.

Whoever knows contentment will be at peace forever.

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