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Poetry: Seasons Fade

When that farmer Spring timely plants her seed
in her breast forms a soft fragile vase
seasoned over with sun and rain take heed
young Flora grows hopeful in a secret place.
Summer tills where doubt before had grown
watered with passion petals unfold in the heat
youth inhaling the scent that’s sown
senses not cool evening’s breath on Augusts’ sweet.
abrupt Fall comes in to shake the boughs of fruit
and my heart’s murmur feels too soon a tune
cruel Winter playing upon a frigid flute
an epitaph scribbled on soft petals too soon.
As seasons fade flowers blossom then die away
expel their breath to sing another day.

Poetry: As Constant

Oh this bright moon! If only I were so constant.
Not drifting along the darkened skies all night
And watching, with eyes ever wide in torment,
As nature’s lone insomniac in sleepless plight
The swell of the mighty sea, at his arduous feat
Of endless washing earth’s rough rocky shores,
Or gazing so solemnly upon freshly fallen sheet
Of snow upon mountain roofs and valley floors;
No– to still be as constant and still immovable
Resting quietly upon my love’s delicate breast.
Oh! just to feel forever its delicate rise and fall,
For me to never sleep, to stay in sweet distress.
That still, I might always listen to her soft sigh,
Therefore to live eternally, else eclipse and die.

Poetry: In My Heart True

Yet in solemn winter, beauty must end
And the singing of birds sure fades away
No longer in thick leaves to sit and lend
A joyous tune to the children who play.
So all the color from the world does fade
So swiftly the land becomes just one hue
Thus under the snow sweet flora is laid
The color and splendor taken from view.
Grasped so swiftly, and shaken to death
All that is lovely and warm on this earth
By the abject rue of cold winter’s breath
Still truly I say there still is much mirth:
For in my heart true, I sing soft and coo,
Thankful refrains of this joy that is you.

Poetry: How And Why

Should doubt high drift over my love for thee
grey gloomy cloud, disconsolate, strong reign
bleak darkened frown, portend deep misery
hide hearts resolve, beneath shadowed disdain.
Should you feel sudden cold breath of gloom,
spate of fear, black scourge upon painted leaf
quick cruelly fade love grim in abject gloom,
swift eclipse hopes hue behind shaded grief.
And would unshakable faith far be blown,
fiercely shook from loose grasp once so near
wither sweet loves blossom, thus loss bemoan
newly dead splendor, once honored then hear:
Eternally damned shall I rove and cry,
tormented ever to seek how and why.

Poetry: I Shall Always

Dare not within darkness let our love bay
tend not in woe of our days that are done
fight wet hot tears and in bed do not stay
rise up glad knowing that we are still one.
Let this day dally long languish slow soar
sing old sun’s glory as it strays sure high
sing so content softly pen our sweet score
my love oh my love in absence won’t die!
Always true that swift rivers reach the sea
somber white moon quiet crosses the sky
Winter each year allows snow to fall free
to my cold death I shall always soft sigh
Blessed and true I am grateful each day
That such a love as you had come my way.

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