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Poetry: Damned Soul

Poetry Damned Soul

damned soul
that torments me
visions of her
stoic they stay

never did I
ask for our
sacred memories
to haunt me

damned soul
allow my psyche
respite a reprieve
from my reveries

never had we
awakened fully
the love that
raged in us

alone upon a
bleak island
lies my soul
despairing there.

Poetry: You Left Me

Poetry You Left Me

You were to stay
on the eve
of our love


you left me
to live desolate
within dark days

it is not
clear the whys
of your ways

you left me
while I lived
to love you

dreary is the
grave of grief
cold its embrace

you left me
to ache bereft
imbued with angst

never telling me
the whys
of your ways

so I cling
to the sting
of happier days.

Reblog: Happiness v/s Sadness..who wins??

This woman writes about something important and meaningful for those of us were/are there. Oh, and her writing is superb.

The other day, while talking to my mother-in-law, she told me “dear, you have been living in isolation at home for the past 6 months, you must make phone calls and talk to people more often. Call your friends, cousins..just talk to them regularly about anything that’s bothering you and which you can’t discuss with […]

Happiness v/s Sadness..who wins??

Poetry: Seep Bone Coldly

No warrior’s death is coming for me
no blood-stained sword will release
my foolish life from its hollow chest
so slow I die on this field of shame.
Stench of copper vile taste of metal
adrift I’m alone and battered and torn
oh that I could recompense my love!

No quiet wake of honor shall be held
no slow loving march of the damned
solemn to hasten me to eternal sleep
no I shall ever wail silently as I decay.
Terrible mists of doom rise eerily and
creep hauntingly before my fading eyes
cast upon the distant shore of love lost.

No angels of mercy will soar this field
thick with the rancor of my bitter defeat
they will not remove this elegiac song
shrouded by sick stench of stoic hope.
Oh that I could in great haste be felled
not seep bone coldly into Hades cruel
might his dread hot abyss of suffering.

No arrow swift flying will find its mark
no sword nor spear will ever pierce me.
Aye, this poison by which I’ll not die
looses the design of even black vultures.
I will wither and linger alone as it reigns
cold perfect terror over me and claws at
where slow my life leaking seeps to hell.

Poetry: She Went Away

The angel is gone
she went away
will she return
again some day?

Verse rang true
touched my heart
lady grace right
from the start.

Penned and painted
such loveliness
her impressions of
life I do miss.

She kept me glad
and full of glee
the love has gone
with her poetry.

But still I hear
her gentle sighs
they whisper through
the darkened skies.

The angel has gone
she went away
I hope she returns
to me some day.

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