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Poetry: October Day

Poetry Leaves Swept Away

I still remember that October day
how the wind swept leaves away

The noon sun glorified raven hair
how it flowed how I had to stare

Painful memories refusing to die
for many years I wondered why

Why cruel winter rueful and gray
bleak and pitiless stole you away

Yet constant as the crescent moon
remembrances of love are strewn

Forever I think on an October day
how the wind swept leaves away.

Poetry: Fragment Of Love

Poetry Fragment of Love

On and on
passes time.

Listen to me
this rhyme.

As the day
to night.

I wish to
you tight.

Too much doubt
your head.

Too much woe
your bed.

But this won’t
be true.

I think of
with you.

Poetry: Cast away

Poetry Cast Away

cast away this
little poem
beyond the cold brook

cast away the
fairy tale
from a children’s book

toss away this
silly dream
from the dead of night

toss away the
lovely girl
from your bleary sight.

cast away this
ancient chant
from your memory.

cast away the
little poem
and let the past be.

Poetry: Vague Visions

Poetry Vague Visions

The trains motion
carries me along
thoughts of you.

Glimpses of the
past rush by
impress me
with their poise.

Distant and faded
vague visions
of fervent times
with you
slip by.

Poetry: Damned Soul

Poetry Damned Soul

damned soul
that torments me
visions of her
stoic they stay

never did I
ask for our
sacred memories
to haunt me

damned soul
allow my psyche
respite a reprieve
from my reveries

never had we
awakened fully
the love that
raged in us

alone upon a
bleak island
lies my soul
despairing there.

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