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Found Within The Rhyme

What seems so very simple
is not so what it seems;
To complicate the matter
our lives are full of dreams.

Enthralling tours of wonder
cause feelings strong to grow;
Illusions cast long shadows
on paths which lead to woe.

The world is truly lovely
so longs the heart at night;
Within the dream is shining
though distant is the light.

Hot passions tend to smolder
for those who hold them dear;
Longing will always linger
so hearts do slowly tear.

Murals seen imbued within
in love so strong the zeal;
Such scenes painted so deeply
dread time will seek to steal.

Desire’s fruit sweet ripens
love’s nectar to be found;
But dead to earth it’s falling
and makes no thoughtful sound.

To taste the fruit of Eros
resolve with joy it flies;
Cold doubt blunts the purpose
with winter’s breath it dies.

When two lovers are loving
then souls they can be free;
Stormy minds tend to becloud
sure paths one once could see.

Love songs play a melody
sublime heard in a dream;
Though softly sure it whispers
foreign can seem its theme.

A trance of love is beauty
and stunning in its hue;
Always an angst in moments
when taken out of view.

Places for peaceful knowing
keep true the soul at peace;
Paths fade in somber travels
so lost souls tend to cease.

So the quest for loves reward
pursued throughout all time;
No matter words not knowing
’tis found within the rhyme.

New Playlist! Buddha Vibes


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Sonnet Of Love II


sonnet3 on justruminating mens blog

As the moon drifts and quiet as you lie
and howl of winter slips by the door
drift my sweet lady, do sleep and do sigh
writing such words, from my heart they do pour!
Fade and keep warm in the dark of your bed
swift will I share tender scent of your skin–
lilies compare not, through fields though they spread
to your smell and your charm source of my sin.
So ponder your dreams and when you awake
fresh as the new fallen snow in the dell
look South to my window, far past the lake
I sit here and write, of you and do tell:
My words are not meant for others to see
They worship your grace and your majesty.

Relegate Me


take me
feed this surging
kiss me with abandon
assuage my aching need
come to me you must.

Torch me
scorch my skin
build a fiery pyre
detonate your passion
shake with abandon
unfurl your desire.

your eyes
sapphires aflame
murmur in my ear
clutch me there
seize this twilight
pull me near

I’ll take you
beyond realities
conquer your lust
trace my fingers
in your lair
in my hands you thrust.

dance with me
prance lovely dance
relegate me to
your desire’s trance
such romance
without within you.

take me
engulf my urgency
with soft lips
clutch me dearly
evaporate the need
thunder in your hips.

shoot bright
stars of lightning
onto all of me
seize the universe
collapse the heavens
take me
in totality.