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Poetry: Apt Words

Poetry I have written for my wife, Rebecca. Presented for the first time anywhere. Visit her blog at My Faces of Life.

True beauty is all around
lovely things that make no sound
pretty sights which can be found
on this earth to which we’re bound.

True there are things which are sweet
when he and she distant meet
to scorch dread time burns the heart
never neither longs to part.

True, awe comes from many things
an elephant with golden wings
a snow-strewn path newly made
rows of pines in a winter glade.

But, of these things I write and speak
long I yearn and long do seek
about you divine most of all
you are Winter Spring Summer Fall.

Poetry: I Seek

I seek the sands of summer
where the ocean meets the sky
that line becomes so distant
as boats go sailing by.

I gaze beyond the sunshine
where the distant seagulls fly
drifting over ragged reefs
and lighthouse up so high.

I ache to walk the surf line
with a woman I once knew
as the sunset slowly fades
and taken out of view.

The waves crash into nothing
and recede over the sand
so too does fade this beauty
beyond this stunning land.

I seek the sands of summer
as the clouds pass in the sky
and as the sun is setting
to where I wonder why.

Poetry: In My Mind

Down falls fast the frozen rain
chills the air with my disdain
on my heart it leaves a stain
yet in my mind you remain.

I drift and fade think of you
try to bring you into view
draw a color paint a hue
fixing on what lovers do.

It’s falling fast all around
again the din and its sound
try to keep the peace I found
as it thunders to the ground.

In my mind we’re at this shore
life with you and wanting more
seagulls screeching fly and soar
mixing with the ocean’s score.

Never no never have we been
lovers as such and in between
within my mind yet barely seen
under the rain near the ravine.

Poetry: A Broken Wing

A broken wing
I cannot fly
I will not coast
the darkened sky.

I cannot sweep
in wondrous flight
I will not keep
my course tonight.

A broken wing
my moments lost
I will not ascend
in morning frost.

I cannot soar
beyond the vale
I will not drift
over the dale.

Poetry: Seasons Fade

When that farmer Spring timely plants her seed
in her breast forms a soft fragile vase
seasoned over with sun and rain take heed
young Flora grows hopeful in a secret place.
Summer tills where doubt before had grown
watered with passion petals unfold in the heat
youth inhaling the scent that’s sown
senses not cool evening’s breath on Augusts’ sweet.
abrupt Fall comes in to shake the boughs of fruit
and my heart’s murmur feels too soon a tune
cruel Winter playing upon a frigid flute
an epitaph scribbled on soft petals too soon.
As seasons fade flowers blossom then die away
expel their breath to sing another day.

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