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Found Within The Rhyme

What seems so very simple
is not so what it seems;
To complicate the matter
our lives are full of dreams.

Enthralling tours of wonder
cause feelings strong to grow;
Illusions cast long shadows
on paths which lead to woe.

The world is truly lovely
so longs the heart at night;
Within the dream is shining
though distant is the light.

Hot passions tend to smolder
for those who hold them dear;
Longing will always linger
so hearts do slowly tear.

Murals seen imbued within
in love so strong the zeal;
Such scenes painted so deeply
dread time will seek to steal.

Desire’s fruit sweet ripens
love’s nectar to be found;
But dead to earth it’s falling
and makes no thoughtful sound.

To taste the fruit of Eros
resolve with joy it flies;
Cold doubt blunts the purpose
with winter’s breath it dies.

When two lovers are loving
then souls they can be free;
Stormy minds tend to becloud
sure paths one once could see.

Love songs play a melody
sublime heard in a dream;
Though softly sure it whispers
foreign can seem its theme.

A trance of love is beauty
and stunning in its hue;
Always an angst in moments
when taken out of view.

Places for peaceful knowing
keep true the soul at peace;
Paths fade in somber travels
so lost souls tend to cease.

So the quest for loves reward
pursued throughout all time;
No matter words not knowing
’tis found within the rhyme.

Nonsensical Rhapsody

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I want to start with some simple Alliteration
seaside surf in winter is so very crisply cool
(try to fix find and fit some Personification
your wandering mind is a rambling fool).

Assonance very tense, it has much suspense
salty sands please even with winter’s breeze
(suppose I propose musing using Consonance
dismiss this I confess it does not please this).

Then in a Conceit I will write for you just to spite
the wide sea is a cold lover retreating from me.
(then why not Hyperbole? It is a lions’ might
cry a river of tears, I over this poem from thee!).

A Metaphor I have found I can always borrow
a sea of troubles rage for me on this winter morn
(Simile is just as good good today and tomorrow
he is like a bright moonbeam, shining on my scorn).

He does not like my effort here what of my Meter?
I leave the sea; to me I love the oceans’ sweet revelry
(Scansion done you have won a little love sweeter
for undoing moving and removing this piece from me).