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Wellness: Advice From A Dying Man

Wellness by Robert Levasseur

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Wellness: Methods of Meditation

Wellness by Robert Levasseur

Special Note: I use lots of pictures, videos, animations, flipbooks, and other cool layouts and features which can be best appreciated by reading this post on my blog. Mobile View will not give you the very best experience.

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Free Your Mind

There are many methods of meditation is almost indispensable in today’s world of strife and stressfulness. I have practicing a variety of forms of meditation; I am not consistently applying it to my daily life, and I should. There are many different meditation types you can avail yourself of.

You can type meditation in the search box of my blog, or you can click here, and you will be taken to my meditation archives. There are more articles and many self-guided meditations available there. If you are new to meditation I highly recommend starting out with Guided Meditations, like the one I have included at the bottom of this post. You have to kind of search around the internet to find ones–and voices–that you prefer. I really LOVE Deepak Chopra’s guided meditations. His voice is just really relaxing to me. You can find many good meditations on Spotify as well.

Whichever practice you choose from the various meditation types, it is necessary to put it into a regular schedule for it to have the greatest impact on your life. Here are just a few ways you can practice meditation:

Yoni Mudra

Yoni Mudra is one of the meditation types and it includes following steps:

  1. This meditation type includes closing your ears with your thumbs.
  2. Then with your index finger, cover your eyes.
  3. Use your middle fingers to pinch the nostrils.
  4. Press your lips together with your remaining fingers.

While you do meditation, release your middle fingers as you inhale and exhale. LEARN MORE.

Category Concentration

Category concentration is another one among various meditation types. It helps you become more concentrated about the things that are helpful in meditation. People find it very difficult to concentrate on one particular thing, and this is where this technique is very beneficial. Category concentrations works by narrowing the objects of concentration, so that your mind is trained to focus better. LEARN MORE

Simple Meditation

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It is one of the best meditation types that one can start with if one is not accustomed to sitting for long time period focusing on some particular object. You can choose a clean and peaceful place where you can spend 10-20 minutes in silence. Gradually, as you gain more control on your mind and senses, you can increase this time-duration. LEARN MORE

Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation is one of the meditation types, which involves your focusing the mind while walking. It is not easy to practice this meditation type, but with practice it can prove to be really beneficial. As clear from the name itself, this type of meditation involves focusing on your own feet. When your mind wanders away from your steps, you need to refocus it again. LEARN MORE

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is known as Vipassana, and is practiced by Buddhists among many meditation types. The meditation type involves practicing to be aware about the things that you do and the things that happen around you at the very moment. There are mainly four points in it:

  1. You have to abstain from the five moral precepts: killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct, and use of toxicants.
  2. Anapana Meditation is practiced for three and a half days wherein you practice focusing on your breath.
  3. For six and half days, purifying the mind is done, which involves self observation.
  4. On the last day of the course, you will be allowed to speak and live an extroverted life.

The meditation technique closes with the practice of metta bhavana, another part that shares the purity developed with others. LEARN MORE

Journey Meditation

This meditation type involves visualization for one to achieve a meditative state. Those who are able to visualize something early, prefer to choose it among other meditation types. It involves noting the things that cause anxiety, tension, and fatigue. You close your eyes and try to focus to be peaceful about them. LEARN MORE

Vibrational Meditation

This meditation type involves repetition of a particular word or a sound that becomes the focal point of the meditation. The vibrations that are produced from the word or sound pass through your body. You have to do concentrate on nothing else, but to chant that word or produce the sound again and again. It is one of the most different among various meditation types. LEARN MORE

Movement Meditation

Breathing and gentle flowing movements are combined to achieve the meditative state in this meditation type. Playing music or dancing is also allowed in this technique. The basic idea is to get focused in the movement. LEARN MORE

Body Scan Meditation

Body scan meditation is very useful for people who do not have any time for other meditation types. You just need to lie down and focus on your body parts right from your toe to your hair. LEARN MORE

Breath & Navel Meditation

It is the oldest one recorded in China as well as in India and one of the most famous among other meditation types. It involves control over breath through different breathing techniques. You need to sit in a relaxed posture and concentrate on your breath, nostrils, or even on your abdomen. LEARN MORE

Central Channel Meditation

If you are just a beginner and wish to take a crash course on a meditation, then the central channel technique may prove to be the best among other meditation types. Central Channel Meditation is an ancient Taoist method modified and taught by Master Han Yu-mo at his Sung Yang Tao Centers in Taiwan and Canada.

It is a simple and effective way for Beginners to rapidly develop a tangible awareness of internal energy and a familiarity with the major power points through which energy is circulated and exchanged with the surrounding sources of heaven and earth. It relaxes the body, replenishes energy, and invigorates the spirit. LEARN MORE

You owe it to yourself to try meditation if you have never done it. When I was practicing it while in recovery at the VA, on a daily basis, I went from not being able to sit still for 5 minutes to deep meditations of 30-45 minutes!

Try this guided meditation from Deepak Chopra. 7 minutes

Wellness: 10 Minute Meditation With Deepak

Wellness by Robert Levasseur

Take ten minutes out of your day, and follow Deepak Chopra’s guided meditation to restore balance and harmony to your inner space.  You’ll be glad you did.  I love me some Deepak!

Wellness: Meditation (Self): Ultra Relaxation

Wellness by Robert Levasseur

This Is Super Relaxation!

Wellness: Guided Meditation: Astral Projection

Wellness by Robert Levasseur

If you have difficult closing your eyes for meditation, try bringing this up full screen.  Grab a sheet and put it over your screen and your head.  Stare at the screen and meditate!  There are lots of videos such as this you can practice meditation with.

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