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Meditations For Your Soul


As with mostly all the playlists on my new justruminating YouTube Channel, this Self Meditations Playlist is a collaboration! Please feel free to post whatever videos you think would be beneficial to our community!. The link for collaborating on this playlist is below.

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Meditation (Self): Raj Yoga Meditation

Raj Yoga Meditation

Meditation (Self): Ultra Relaxation

This Is Super Relaxation!

Guided Meditation: Astral Projection

If you have difficult closing your eyes for meditation, try bringing this up full screen.  Grab a sheet and put it over your screen and your head.  Stare at the screen and meditate!  There are lots of videos such as this you can practice meditation with.

Vasiliy’s Serenity

Headphones On, As I write Vasiliy Comforts Me