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Poetry: Deep Within

Deep Within

Where are these musings
thoughts in your head
where are those feelings
woes that you dread.

Where are those secrets
kept in the dark
who brought the bleakness
thorough and stark.

What are you thinking
within your mind
and left you sinking
trying to find.

What is this haunting
from deep within
that which is taunting
that hell therein.

Poetry: Zodiac Foibles

Zodiac Foibles by Robert M. Levasseur

There some friends of mine
They certainly test your patience.
Shining way up high, they sigh
And form lovely constellations.

Aries is a daredevil
Impulsive and foolhardy
Selfish and quick-tempered
He often ruins the party.

And Taurus doesn’t budge
Self-indulgent and greedy.
So possessive and so jealous
His girlfriend calls him needy.

Let’s not forget tense Gemini
Twins sly in their cunning.
Nervous and inconsistent
Superficial always sunning.

Cancer’s touchy and moody
Always clinging onto life.
Both Changeable and emotional
Some Prozac would calm her strife.

Pompous Leo so patronizing
Bossy and too interfering.
Dogmatic in his intolerance
His bad breath is room clearing.

Worry wart fussy Virgo is
A conservative perfectionist.
So overcritical and so harsh.
crumbs on the floor never missed.

Libra the gullible flirtatious girl
Easily influenced and changeable.
She so pretty, but so indulgent
Loves to be taken upon the table.

Like Taurus we have Scorpio
Resentful compulsive so obstinate.
Secretive obsessive and jealous
He’ll argue with you till it’s late.

Sagittarius is foolishly optimistic
Careless and superficial
Irresponsible and tactless
blows his paycheck, every nickel.

Depressing Capricorn is miserly
Pessimistic and so demanding.
Conservative grudging depression
No one around him likes standing.

Aquarius intractable and contrary
Perverse in his loner’s detachment.
Unemotional his eccentricity
Isolate girls from their enchantment.

And finally Pisces so idealistic
Vague escapist passions kept secretly.
Weak-willed follower easily led
Lives with Puff in the land Honalee.

And so is writ, my tender devotion
For constellations twelve in motion.
And coming soon, in passing time
With kinder words for them I’ll rhyme.

Poetry: Silent Mist

Silent Mist

Silent mist
within the night
what is this
what is this

Ancient ruler
seeping into
the trees
slowly spreading
foul disease.

I am the
dreaded necromancer
of a
woeful gloom
creator and catalyst
of a
heinous doom.

Pewter powder
hellish gore
my poison
the forest floor.

I bring my shadows
from the deep
to imprison all
within my keep
to suffer
an eternal
insufferable sleep.

Poetry: Misty Moon

Misty Moon Poetry by Robert M. Levasseur

Misty moon
beyond the trees
ancient remnant
of the earth
she sees.

Sphere in flight
battered and tossed
solitary sentinel
of the world
she lost.

Shadowed orb
behind her veil
sighing her sad
and lonely tale.

Beyond my gaze
you hold a stare
a mournful glow
naked and bare.

Poetry: Christmas Tree

Written after my boys went back home to their mother, 20 years ago.

star sits on
christmas tree
it blinks and winks
fades away. Decorated
for a holiday, our tree stands
in its shiny finery. Little wooden
soldiers with a gingerbread man, jolly
santa dangling with deer in a glen. Golden
bugle blowing angels, heralding the king, silver
shiny icicles sit on the bottom dangling. We put such
love into this tree and we revel in its majesty, reflections
of our memories are kept within each golden orb. All the joys
from all seasons past kept inside each shiny glass, these mirrored
globes reflecting our past. Year after year they’re packed slowly away,
some did not show up today, they were crushed and broken along the way.
My sons got me more, so we put them on I’ll cherish them from dusk till dawn
the night is done
my boys are gone
but yet I will keep
the tree lights on.

The Original Poem From 2000
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