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Poetry: Bumble Bee

I saw a
it buzzed along
so happily.

It settled upon
a fiery rose
as if to strike
a picture pose.

It rest awhile
then buzzed away
so I content
went on my way.

Poetry: Myriad Oasis

The so silent quiet depths out of which
all of my so secret passions do imbue
onto my landscape they transform into
colorful cosmos of kaleidoscopes and
ideas falling evenly through the chasm.

And as if that weren’t quite enough so
along come some taunting tantalizing
bends, sharply risking onward along
swiftly until, subtly cavorting crash
and commingle sultry scenes splash
spill swirl then linger so harmoniously.

And just in time too for as suddenly a
myriad oasis of images undulate careen
tumble turn untangling and unfolding
out of daydreams inspirations passions
flourish calmly curiously from prisms
in my mind meander so gently forth.

To finally unfold gloriously out of my
contemplation into realization to look
lovingly serenely at me from this page
creased and torn came my dreams from
the so silent quiet depths out of which
all of my so secret passions do imbue.

Poetry: Love’s Labour

lust met soon
fades the moon
body freely given
reveals the lie
a swift retreat
you’ll wonder why
no genuine beginning.

prance with care
hold lust near
dearly darkly hidden
tests the tide
no small feat
you’ll deeply sigh
head surely spinning.

slow the fire
grace keeps desire
from being driven
then is found
a deeper sweet
you’ll truly fly
pendulum is swinging.

reveal yet slow
share the soul
release is forbidden
then grows sure
the passion heat
you’ll happily cry
love wryly grinning.

meted passion grows
true love flows
you’ll be smitten
tamed the restless
though no defeat
you’ll soar high
together just beginning.

Poetry: Resolute In Rage

Embittered winter
spreads rancor
erudite in malice.

Irreverent arbitrate
disdains masses
sardonic in verse.

Vengeful slayer
inflicts brutality
pitiless in wrath.

Steadfast rime
immovable blight
resolute in rage.

Poetry: Come Closer

Come closer my love
tease me
seize me.

Feel me my love
want me
haunt me.

Love me my love
touch me
clutch me.

Hear me my love
take me
break me.

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