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Do Not Seek The Chasm

do not on justruminating men's blog

What seems so very simple
is not so what it seems
to complicate the matter
our lives are full of dreams.

Reality is distance
and in the distance fear
never were we closer
we never were so near.

Passions are never ceasing
for those who hold them dear
longing will always linger
so hearts do slowly tear.

That ever were we willing
a love can become surreal
from which we could retrieve
father time would seek to steal.

Desire’s fruit sweet ripens
aiming for the ground
to capture it from bruising
swift run to what we’ve found.

Without excessive clothing
the body can be free
without so many miles
then you and me are we.

Do not seek the chasm
hide in this great divide
gentle hold the wonder
of us let fear subside.

Space is always hurling
life is passing through
angst between the minutes
thoughts are still of you.

Our joy is gentle knowing
cosmos slowing down
joy and its fulfilling
darkness fades the frown.

Stoic trees are darkening
clouding up the sky
blotching out the sunshine
which shone upon us high.

And yet be glad and joyful
for the stars are shining bright
we have shared in our hearts
long days journey into night.

These Gems

gems on justruminating men's blog

All these stars
to choose from
a fantasy of beacons
which tell the
story of you
and they twinkle
they shine
they brighten
up corners of my
mind formerly
darkened with
these gems fill
my head and
illuminate my thoughts
until they shine
on every aspect
of you.

Relegate Me


take me
feed this surging
kiss me with abandon
assuage my aching need
come to me you must.

Torch me
scorch my skin
build a fiery pyre
detonate your passion
shake with abandon
unfurl your desire.

your eyes
sapphires aflame
murmur in my ear
clutch me there
seize this twilight
pull me near

I’ll take you
beyond realities
conquer your lust
trace my fingers
in your lair
in my hands you thrust.

dance with me
prance lovely dance
relegate me to
your desire’s trance
such romance
without within you.

take me
engulf my urgency
with soft lips
clutch me dearly
evaporate the need
thunder in your hips.

shoot bright
stars of lightning
onto all of me
seize the universe
collapse the heavens
take me
in totality.