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Happy Misgiving

Oh Thanksgiving!
I could fill volumes
of your treachery
of your faithlessness
of your debauchery .

Dad’s wine never
tasted better
on his bitter tongue
he never could
get it right
though I’m sure
he might see it
a different way.

And those lonely
college days
nowhere to go
no one to see
nothing to do
no one cared.

I remember

The one that
got away
won’t remember
won’t remember
all the bloody
words I cleaned
up that month.

Jack and me
head to toe in
powder until
the sun revealed
our lies
my biggest
mistake’s father
knew as he carved.

The street-walker
with her bag of

(I only wanted her stuff)

was more than
more than willing
to sort my affairs
while I surveyed
CVS for tinfoil
it was only a

Three more years
with alcohol’s
that cunt who
just had to do
as many jello
shots as possible
to finish her turkey.

And that’s just
10 years worth
(I’m 52)
of self-inflicted
gunshot wounds
to the body
to the heart
to the mind.

Oh Thanksgiving!
I think I’ll just
stay in this year
and eat peanut
butter and jelly
I’ve given
enough of me
to you.

Ever To Abide

Angel By Your Side
I’m not the demons
that died in your bed
I’m not the terrors
to which you are wed.

I’m not the evils
which seek your ill
I’m not the poisons
that choke you still.

I’m not the nightmares
of fear and of dread
I’m not the destroyers
living in your head.

No, my love
I am a soldier
a permanent dispatch
angel earthbound
I have
fixed positions
within, without,
above, around.

Ever to be
and forever
by your side
never to leave
ever to abide.


contemplation on justruminating men's blog

Where are all the thousand cuts?
who do they speak for now
what do they whisper
in the wind?

Where are all the haunting notes
which echoed endless so
as hot tears stained
the aging floor?

Where are all the lonely thoughts
which sat so long weeping
in furthest reaches
of my mind?

Where are all the piercing words
from stoic citadels of rage
upon whose ears
do they land?

Mine is not to wander aimless
reaching in fading mists
yet rather stay long
in my gladness.

You Are


you are
the dog-eared pages
of a favorite book
I want to read again

you are
the scented boughs
of the magnolia tree
in a hidden glen

you are
the soft warming rain
on a summer night
that falls upon the ground

you are
the song of a lovebird
singing in the dark
oh, the lovely sound!

you are
the lovely goddess
in a mythic tale
making everything right

You are
the sweet in a recipe
filling me with happiness
grateful for you tonight