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A Breath

breath on justruminating men's blog

Okay fine then
you understand
then you know
what I mean
then you know
how I feel
and how
scared I am
and how
intrigued I am
and how
happy I feel
and how
funny we are
and how
deep it is
and how
too deep this
all is
and yet
how much
it is
and how
colorful it is
and how
incredible it is
and how
the hell
is this happening
to us?

Love Grows

lovegrows on justruminating men's blog
warm wind
humid heat
setting sun
loves meet

colored cloud
darkened skies
milky moon
love sighs

hopes heart
solemn souls
deep depths
love grows

yawning cliffs
barren beaches
smooth sands
love teaches

bold beauty
mellow mind
witty woman
love rhyme.

Sonnet Of Love II


sonnet3 on justruminating mens blog

As the moon drifts and quiet as you lie
and howl of winter slips by the door
drift my sweet lady, do sleep and do sigh
writing such words, from my heart they do pour!
Fade and keep warm in the dark of your bed
swift will I share tender scent of your skin–
lilies compare not, through fields though they spread
to your smell and your charm source of my sin.
So ponder your dreams and when you awake
fresh as the new fallen snow in the dell
look South to my window, far past the lake
I sit here and write, of you and do tell:
My words are not meant for others to see
They worship your grace and your majesty.

Poets Speak: Christina

wp-1483485126916.jpgWelcome to Poets Speak. A feature dedicated to poets performing their poetry in an audio medium. I simply LOVE that we can hear our poets bringing their poetry alive!

I have also created a brand new soundcloud account for justruminating. Here I will be posting all the Poet Speaks Poets, as well as meditation audio, chillout ambient audio and who knows what else. Check it out HERE, and be sure to follow!

If you would like your readings to be included, simply visit the new Poets Speak Page, and fill in the submission form.

Here are six from one of our own bloggers Christina of braveandrecklessblog.

Poets of Instagram: @chameleonheart

These are poets I have randomly picked from across the expanse of Instagram. There are some damn good writers to be had there.

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