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Their Sorrow

delusion on justruminating mens blogLife is
but a show
for stars
the moon
and the sun.

Emotions are
for little kids
as they play
and run.

Love is
just a fairytale
from books
from poems
never to be won.

Living is
just a dream
from which
we never wake.

Feelings are
awful things
their pain
their sorrow
strong they ache.

Love is
but a fantasy
never a reality
never can partake.

If Ever


If ever I kissed your lips
I’d take your breath away
hide it in a secret place
for all the live long day.

If ever I stroked your face
and stared into your eyes
you’d melt into the sea
under a thousand skies.

If I cupped into my hands
your soft and supple breasts
such rapid pants would escape
and you’d die a thousand deaths.

Should my hands then slowly trace
small circles on your skin
lost you’d be in the need
and never return again.

If ever I tongued you on
that symbol of your lust
you’d quiver and shiver so
such pleasure would be so just.

If ever I touched those lips
and so spent my passions deeds
not one man ever could
satisfy your deepest needs.

She Went Away

shewentaway on justruminating men's blogThe angel is gone
she went away
will she return
again some day?

Verse rang true
touched my heart
lady grace right
from the start.

Penned and painted
such loveliness
her impressions of
life I do miss.

She kept me glad
and full of glee
the love has gone
with her poetry.

But still I hear
her gentle sighs
they whisper through
the darkened skies.

The angel has gone
she went away
I hope she returns
to me some day.

Clean Loving

My nakedness
sways as
your wonderful
touch spills
over me.

You and I
my soreness
you run along
my back
so warmly.

and wash away
all my misery
my angst
my fatigue
washing clean
dirty day

Lay With Me


Lay with me
under the stars
on the grass
behind the willows.

Whisper to me
tell me whys
share your truth
bare your soul.

Come to me
raw with need
hot with desire
expose your yearning.

I’ll hold you
near to me
inside of me
become your solace.

Lay with me
under the sky
on the ground
you are free.