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Just Sayin’: Who Do You See?

just_sayin_on_recoverywise by Robert M. Levasseur
When you look in the mirror do you see the person you were, the person you are, or the person you want to be?

Just Sayin’: Carpe Diem

There is no time for despair.  You must seize the day, and keep moving forward.  Today is the only day that is truly assured.  Don’t waste it dealing with despair and dismay.  RL

Just Sayin’: Are You The Problem?


The problem is usually not with you, it’s most often with me.  The sooner I figure that out, the better off we both will be.

Just Sayin’:  My Gut


Any time I have ignored my “gut”, it has not ended well.  Today, I will listen to what my gut tells me and act accordingly.

Just Sayin’: Society And Judgements


TO SOCIETY:  Why your judgments of me don’t matter:

I have survived child abuse, sexual abuse, juvenile incarceration, homelessness, divorce, loss of my children, drug abuse,  suicide, trauma, alcoholism, depression, ptsd, bipolar disorder, loss of over 60 jobs, poverty, domestic violence, my brother’s death, my mother’s death, loneliness, jail, two treatment facilities, despair, and defeat over and over again.

Sorry, your judgments didn’t make the list.