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Poetry: Silent Mist

Silent Mist

Silent mist
within the night
what is this
what is this

Ancient ruler
seeping into
the trees
slowly spreading
foul disease.

I am the
dreaded necromancer
of a
woeful gloom
creator and catalyst
of a
heinous doom.

Pewter powder
hellish gore
my poison
the forest floor.

I bring my shadows
from the deep
to imprison all
within my keep
to suffer
an eternal
insufferable sleep.

Poetry: Misty Moon

Misty Moon Poetry by Robert M. Levasseur

Misty moon
beyond the trees
ancient remnant
of the earth
she sees.

Sphere in flight
battered and tossed
solitary sentinel
of the world
she lost.

Shadowed orb
behind her veil
sighing her sad
and lonely tale.

Beyond my gaze
you hold a stare
a mournful glow
naked and bare.

Poetry: Crystal Dancers

Poetry Crystal Dancers

pirouette then
twirl and spin
carried by the gusting wind.
Partners quickly join and sway
cascade and waltz through the day.
Crystal dancers in their dance
a splendid lover’s trance.
Fast fading snow
winters theatre

Poetry: Brighter Sun

Poetry That Brighter Sun

Subtly emerging through dawn ascends
silently advancing in cold morning mist
solemnly relieving sentinels of darkness
dour guardians retreat their duties done.

Sovereign resplendent steady she eases
an ancient inviolate purpose so timeless
the sage hot sun resolutely commanding
swiftly brightens satin gray wistful skies.

Black legion of pools swiftly imprisoned
hostages of the growing light and heat.
sentinels beset besieged by maneuvers
superior forces their capture obtained.

Bright illuminating over shadows ruling
whimsical sun seeming in her dominion
still resolutely ruling eternal the darkest
among the far hidden regardless the way.

Poetry: A Bowl of Sun

Poetry A Bowl of Sun

I found a copper
bowl of sun.

I tipped it over
so it would run.

It eased into
my empty room.

And left
no trace
of previous gloom.

I found a copper
bowl of sun.

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