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Poetry: I Capitulate

A cold cloak
my aged bones it
those crimson eyes
those smoldering orbs
those smoking windows
of despair

and yet
I draw closer
I capitulate
I accede
in the knowing
of what is
and what was
and what will
never be
with one touch I’m
then asphyxiated
then extinguished

my ashes
barely glancing
your frozen ground
your dead horizon
your nuclear dust
before they are
pulverized and
beyond the echo
of your
terrifying laugh.

Poetry: Therein

Therein lies your beauty
testify to me no longer
of dandelions and daffodils
of butterflies and bumblebees
do not chant as crows
beyond sight scatter
then gather
in frigid naked trees
diseased with

The recompense for
lays waste to beauty’s cache
of finery
of magnificence
of splendor
do not disgorge sorrows
from your heaving chest
that conclave of muted
dreams vague and dreary
do not yearn
for lovely things
evade you
elude you
avoid you.

Talk then of
gnarled paths
overgrown with weeds
and thick brush
and rotting moss
sing soft melancholies
into indifferent airs
your tributes breathlessly
entreat this soul
to yearn ache desire
for hues of sustenance
those colors
those images
those portraits
of secret truth
lying in wait
for the impact
of despair

Therein lies your beauty
your truth
and your essence
yet do not brave
the chasm for
it is conquered
it is besieged
it is occupied
by forlorn sages
aching to know
what chance their hopes had
from casting dreams
and illusions
and secrets
into blackened pools
of wonder.

Even dread Beelzebub
hot with rage
blindly jealous
with furious hatred
ravenous for vengeance
who rose from putrid ashes
who rose from rancid death
who rose from deadly hell
fiercely intent on doom
is but feeble
and infirm
for scarcely could he
barely could he
set ablaze
reign terror
wreak havoc
on one tenth of
the thousand worlds
within this volatile
and eremitic imagination.

Poetry: Nearly Indomitable

Rain thunders ceaselessly
great horses
in a furious affair
yet still
steady sunshine burns
radiant and constant
its resolve.

To tame such a wrath
such a din!
It’s presence immovable
ardent witness to my
so savage yearning
to my deep longing
my utter devotion.

A million assaults
all round
gushing gashing
smashing slashing
flooding fast
and yet this prevalence
nearly indomitable
scarcely insuperable.

Though the torrents
seem a ruination
yet stoically wells
this magnitude this
permanent totality
of mighty light
reigning steadfast
over me over all.

Poetry: Listless Gaze

I stumble down
shifting halls of
my angst my
a cold stale breath
stagnates and permeates
its doom
onto my essence.

I entomb myself
in the moment
grasping for
disintegrating walls.

I capitulate to
the lair
that cold cavity
pit of dread
pool of tears
where my devotion
thrashes plangently.

in the filth
of want
of need
of putrefying wonder
entombed within
every pore
every inch
of my desolation.

I turn to stone
my listless gaze
fixated ruefully
on the luminance
the far distant
where steadfast
dim hope resides.

Poetry: His Awful Visage

He is coming
for me
The stygian rider
on his

hellish steed

whose nostrils
spit fire
he is coming
he is coming
for me.

Entrenched and
my heart trembles
seems resigned
to this reality
this inevitability
this clash of
overlords divided
mind and heart
and combative.

for sacred sanctity
questionable ties
their truth their way
an epic struggle
two worlds colliding
battling and
warring over their
precious notions
quintessential hostilities.

The earth rumbles
mud filled trench
thick with despair
stench of vomit
the rider approaches
axe wielded high
his awful visage
fixed on me
his terrifying shriek
he is here
he is here
for me.

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