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Poetry: Cassandra

Poetry Cassandra

Oh Cassandra your ever
smiling cherub face reminds
my soul of Cupid’s delight.

A melting sun glorified her
black flowing black hair
soft as a bubbling brook.

The buzzing bee parted
eager lips and engaged in
quenching sweet desire.

The intrepid sun would
strike fear and dread as
it clung tightly to my clothes.

Oh Cassandra eternal well-
spring of a deep born urges
remember me remember me.

Poetry: Angst & Anger

Poetry By Robert Levasseur

I hope that one day I can write a few books of poetry before I meet the great masters. I like Inexhaustible Life of Chaos as the title for each anthology. It really describes my life in terms of actions and emotions. As you can see below, I’ve divided my poetry into 5 categories. I would be grateful for any thoughts you have on the work as a whole. Is it cohesive? Are the poems relatable? Did any particular pieces really touch you? Were the pieces in the chapbook accessible, or were they hard to surmise in terms of their meaning?

I thank you advance for any criticism, positive or negative, that you provide me.

Anger & AngstMe, Myself & ILove & LustNature & LifeRebecca
Poems that deal with anger, angst in love, sadness, depression, ptsd, anxietyPoems dealing with my mind and emotions, issues coping with various mental health issuesPoems about women, desire, love, devotion, lust, sexuality, erotica, and love sonnetsPoems about nature, and significant life and family events throughout my lifetimePoems to and about my best friend, my love, my wife
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Poetry: Only In Dreams

Poetry Only In Dreams

Only in our dreams my sweet
share we two this haunting love
Only in my dreams I fear
dare I touch your silken skin.

Only in my dreams my dear
dare I feel your soft embrace.
Only in our dreams my girl
share we two an eager kiss.

Only in our dreams my sweet
do we have this time.
Only in my dreams my love
can I tell you how I feel.

Poetry: Never

Poetry Never

Of past regrets
I know too much
and echoes which
sound like sin
I knew too well
her frozen touch
that I shall not
ever feel again.

Poetry: Of Silence

Poetry Quiescence
A Poem About Enlightenment

in a stream of silence
I heard a deep whisper
docility speaking
as if it were power and yet
the image of it was startling
floating there was a quiescence

was it just my imagination
or just my senses it could have
meant something to me if I let it
but the truest way was not to inquire
but to proceed.

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