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Today I thought I would just post actual pictures of my snowy environment, rather than the modified photos I usually post. If you never get snow, here is some for you!

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Smoke Area Last Night
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Side of Building 7
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Front of Building 7
Side of Building 7
Outside Building 7
Smoke Area Last Night
Storm Last Night
Snow From Last Night

My Miscellany: Flashbacks

wp-1485298089762.jpgSome flashback pictures of me and my family lol

Deney Terrio Has Nothing On Me! College, 1986

4 Generations: Uncle Bob (rip), Aunt Sue, Me, Half Sister Jesse, Son Matt, Son Nick. Nick’s First Communion. 2000.  80lbs ago!
Your Ruminator at 8 years old, 1972!  My Head Was Always Warm

My Christmas Tree

I am so happy I found this in my Google Pictures! I wanted to share it with you all. It was a poem I wrote after my children left my visitation 16 years ago. Happy Holidays!

You Are Missed John

My brother John was hit by a car and killed on Christmas morning, 1975.  I was with him.  He was 8 and I was 11.  I found the only picture I have of him.  I wanted to post it up here in his memory as a message of love, not sadness.

Be grateful for who you have in your life this Christmas!  If you don’t have anyone, treasure a stranger!  Treasure a homeless person.  Treasure a Veteran.  Life is too short, we are gone in a moment.

Don’t wait to let someone know you love them!  Let go of petty jealousies, perceived injustices, resentments…Be brave in your love.  Be the bigger man or woman.  Reach out with gratitude and lovingkindess this holiday!  We all know that Christmas is not about Santa Claus, Reindeer, candy canes and Christmas trees.  It’s about love.

This is a message of love for you.  Don’t wait until it’s too late!  That is why I am posting his picture, as a reminder that Christmas isn’t about what you have, it’s who you have in your life.  Gods bless each and every one of you today, tomorrow, Christmas, and beyond.

I think John is 1 or 1 1/2 years old in this photo.  I am 3 or 3 1/2 and my half brother Joey was 6 maybe?

John, Me, Joey

apoeticlife: tendrils

Thought I’d start a new section of my blog using my newfound passion for photography. I see poetry all around me, I’d like to share my views of the world using just my Samsung phone for now–horrendous camera fyi.  Then I’m using a basic photo editor to manipulate them into apoeticlife!


Tree outside VA.