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My Miscellany: Blog Navigation

wp-1485298089762.jpgSo, those of you who have been following me for awhile know how I can’t help myself.  I can’t help myself when I think of a new category for my blog, I just have to create it!

Well, I realize for new visitors, and perhaps for those of you who have been with me for a short time, my blog can be a bit overwhelming.

Fear not!  I have come to your rescue.  I have created a SITE NAVIGATION tab at the top of my blog!  See, I’m always thinking of you guys.

The worse thing about blogging is the damn Reader though.  It doesn’t really allow for folks visiting the many lovely blogs out there and enabling a reader to discover other content.

navigation1 on justruminating men's blog

I have been perusing blogs more on the computer–when I can on the damn thing–and I must say I am enjoying your sites so much more!  With that in mind, I created my SITE NAVIGATION tab; I have described each of my over 20 different categories I post about at any given time!

Now you can see the Category Heading and a brief description of the content under that heading.  I hope that this will enable you to find content that is meaningful to you, rather than blindly roaming around.

I have over 700 posts, I hope by identifying the material by Category Names, it will help you to have a more pleasant experience, and help you find relevant content quickly.  Also, there are links to all the categories on this new SITE NAVIGATION tab.  These links open the content in a different window, so you can save time from clicking around.

Please, let me know if you find it a lot easier, or if you have any suggestions for future features!  Happy Blogging!

My Miscellany: I’m Not That Special

wp-1485298089762.jpgHappy Wednesday humans!  As you may or may not know I boycotted all forms of Social Media yesterday.  I also gave up my phone for the day.

Why did I do such a thing?  Because I can’t stand Valentine’s Day this year.  Maybe next year I won’t feel the same way.

Anyway…what did I learn from this little experiment?  I am glad you asked!


I Rely Way Too Much On Social Media

today1Yup.  I woke up fiending for my phone.  I forgot to remember that, not only could I not check my comments and read other blogs, I couldn’t meditate or listen to music.  I thought about my phone and blogging most of the day.  Ya, I think I am going to have to set some boundaries for myself.


Blogging Is An Essential Component Of My Recovery

today2Having talked about boundaries, I realized how important it is for me to connect with other bloggers and to write my recovery posts.  I missed the interactions.  I missed posting material that I think might be helpful to others, or at least entertaining.  I also missed the comments you guys post to me.

And this most definitely helps my own recovery tremendously.  I think, if I had an extended absence from blogging, my wellness would definitely suffer.  So thank you all for being a HUGE part of my recovery!

My Actual Blog Doesn’t Matter

today3Yes, that’s what I said.  My readership dropped like a mafia kill into the ocean.  I went from over 600 reads to 60!  Oh my, that’s not good.  My blog doesn’t matter because 95% of you read blogs through the reader.  So all that fancy stuff I was going to add to my blog by switching over to wordpress.com?  I’m going to save my money.

Hate to say it folks, other than your diehard fans, the majority of bloggers don’t bother visiting your lovely blog; they read your posts in the Reader.  That is one thing I hate about wordpress:  they should post titles to blog posts and force the reader to go to our blogs.  I mean, wtf is the purpose of choosing lovely themes–even paying for better themes–if the majority of people only read posts through the boring Reader?

I’m Not That Special

today4That’s right.  I won’t be burning up any blogger records any time soon.  And I’m ok with that.  If I were that special bloggers would have been like “OMG, Rob at justruminating.blog didn’t post any fresh content, let me get my ass over to his blog and read some of his previous 700+ posts.”

Nope, didn’t happen yesterday, never going to happen.  Fact is, if you don’t post fresh content, and read other blogs DAILY, your going to sit in cyberspace by yourself until you do.  I must say though, a few bloggers did actually go into my archives, and I am most grateful.

Well, there you have it.  My lessons learned by boycotting all social media for 24 hours.  And by the way, I am definitely not that important, I had 0 missed calls and 0 messages.  Back in the day that would have me bent out of shape.  Today?  MEH.

Happy Tuesday

I’m boycotting all forms of social media today.  I typed this Monday, so I’m not cheating.  I gave my phone to the office, will not post or read anything, will not be near a newspaper, etc.  Why?  Because I can and because I want nothing to do with this ridiculous holiday.  And I never did.

valentinesfuckingday on justruminating men's blogvalentines


A Few Things About Me

wp-1485298089762.jpgSo I have been posting a lot of material on recovery.  Sometimes it can be a bit much.  Sometimes I wonder if I post too much of the stuff on some days.

But then, when I read some of your blogs, I realize how much I gain from your openness and honesty, so I keep writing and posting in the hopes that something I include will be helpful to you.

Well, dear readers, today I thought I would just have a little fun and share ten facts about me.  Just as a way of sharing a different side of things.  My entire life is not about recovery, nor does it have to be.  So here you go:

  1. I love Bass Fishing!  I used to have a boat, but I sold it because a poor impulsive decision.  Now I shore fish and think about what it was like to fish with a boat, lol.

2.  My favorite color is dark teal.  Yes, it has to be dark, that way it’s much less feminine.  If I could get away with wearing teal pants, I would.

3.  My favorite food is Italian.  Within the wonderful world of Italian food, my favorite is lasagna!  Give me some French bread and butter, and a pile of lasagna, and I am in heaven!

lasagna on justruminating men's blog

4.  I love to swim.  I grew up swimming as our only real family outing.  I can stay in the water and play and swim for hours.

5.  I love mythology.  One of the first books I ever read was Edith Hamilton’s Mythology:  Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes.  I must have read that book 20 times.

6.  I was an English Major, so I read a lot of books and poetry.  A relatively unknown book is probably in my top 10:  One Hundred Years of Solitude.  It affected me deeply my Junior year of college.  Read it, it will affect you too.

7.  My very favorite book is Tom Sawyer.  Enough said.

8.  My favorite poet is John Keats.  So tragic his work was not recognized by his peers until after his untimely death at age 25.  25 folks!  Can you even imagine what he could have produced if he lived as long as, say, Robert Frost?  Oh, to think of it!

keats on justruminating men's blog

9.  I absolutely LOATHE liver!  If I ever walked into your house and I smelled liver, I would have to kill you.

10.  I love cookies.  I love mostly soft cookies, but as long as I have milk, a row of Oreo Doubletstuff is not safe.  I love any kind of cookie, except cookies that don’t taste like cookie like Biscotti–but they are technically biscuits, and biscuits are cool, but they are not cookies.

Well, there you have it, 10 irrelevant to your life facts about your humble writer.  Share a fact or two about you, that would make this post worthwhile to me!

DID YOU KNOW:  You can’t inhale through your nose and talk at the same time?

Promote Your Book! Open Call


I want to give back to my wonderful community by offering space on my blog for any of you writers who are published!

I have already made a permanent tab on my blog titled “Published Author Links, where I will present not only your link, but perhaps some words and/or images as well.

Simply respond to this post with a link to your work.  I will do the rest.  I may even do a feature or two as well.

You published writers deserve recognition for your hard work and dedication to the craft.  It doesn’t have to be one genre or another.

Get me your links now!  That’s an order…I guess I really can’t give orders since I am no longer a Sgt. in the Army…hmmm.

published authors