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If Ever


If ever I kissed your lips
I’d take your breath away
hide it in a secret place
for all the live long day.

If ever I stroked your face
and stared into your eyes
you’d melt into the sea
under a thousand skies.

If I cupped into my hands
your soft and supple breasts
such rapid pants would escape
and you’d die a thousand deaths.

Should my hands then slowly trace
small circles on your skin
lost you’d be in the need
and never return again.

If ever I tongued you on
that symbol of your lust
you’d quiver and shiver so
such pleasure would be so just.

If ever I touched those lips
and so spent my passions deeds
not one man ever could
satisfy your deepest needs.

A Cold White Door


A cold white door
not in my home
one key
golden hope
not in her hand.

Oh the cold
pale room!
not in my dreams
who could have
not in my mind.

the vengeful
blows angry
inside we’re
touch of shaking fingers.

Estranged white folds
adorn white curves
and pressed against
the idea
we gasp.

Aged in a moment
too soon
the deception revealed
a parting gift
and a
parted loss
is all I know.

And We Are One (+17)



I inhale your scent
exhale my tender intent
a love song which portends
dreamy passion of my fashion.

My gaze of adoration
reflections of adulation
light from your eyes urging
my burning flame surging.

Such a sigh of lust that slips
as I taste the nectar of your lips
it scorches my heart and erupts
divinely sublime inferno so timely.

Tease and caress you finesse
you my muscles are tensing
as they are pressing your flesh
in futility your will in humility.

Your glorious breasts rise urgently
swell and heave so fervently
my need insane furious curious
I shiver and sigh thigh to thigh.

Breath on your flower scented neck
my desires intent and hell bent
on igniting your desire a fire
within eternal aching infernal.

My persistence shatters resistance
cling to me groan sing to me moan
and expand soaring now pouring
a river of velvety liquid is nuclear.

My raging rigid insistence in you
heavenly fury milking me clutching me
our rhythm in unison pulsating fantastically
ecstasy evolves releases itself masterfully.

Eye to eye each universe collides
behold my splendor my love my deed
my seed hurdles the cosmos then subsides
shattering our otherness we fulfill our need.

I hold you softly tenderly resting serenely
replete with the scene sleeps serendipity
casually and completely cascading
fading away for the day
is done and we are one.

My Daily Song: Depeche Mode

This is absolutely the hottest video I have ever seen.  WARNING!  Strong Sexual Content.  And the song’s beat just lays into the soul.  Happy Saturday!

World In My Eyes

Let me take you on a trip
Around the world and back
And you won’t have to move
You just sit still
Now let your mind do the walking
And let my body do the talking
Let me show you the world in my eyes
I’ll take you to the highest mountain
To the depths of the deepest sea
We won’t need a map, believe me
Now let my body do the moving
And let my hands do the soothing
Let me show you the world in my eyes
That’s all there is
Nothing more than you can feel now
That’s all there is
Let me put you on a ship
On a long, long trip
Your lips close to my lips
All the islands in the ocean
All the heaven’s in the motion
Let me show you the world in my eyes
That’s all there is
Nothing more than you can touch now
That’s all there is
Let me show you the world in my eyes

One Night With You

one night on justruminating men's blogWARNING:  SEXUALLY EXPLICIT!

Come to me woman, come to me now
I’ll give you good loving, show you how
show you all the need in me
release your lust, set it free.

I’ll kiss your lips, set them on fire
ignite your flames, taste your desire
show you all the sex in me
worship me in idolatry.

I’ll make your breasts swell with need
upon my jugular your mouth will feed
show you my aching endless lust
feed on me this you must.

I’ll caress your nipples, make them ache
your body will shiver, your soul will quake
show you pleasure so heavenly
then you’ll drip so wantonly.

I’ll gently take your ass divine
and slap it until it’s red so fine
show you my hot insistent urge
into my mouth your juices will surge.

I’ll flex my muscles and hold you tight
burn your soul to its core tonight
show you what it’s like to be
loved so deeply it’s heavenly.

I’ll throw you on the bed and then
make your pussy become my zen
show you how to really flow
eat you deep so then you’d know.

I’ll grab your body and thrust within
my throbbing cock will make you spin
fuck you like you never knew
thrust my hips right into you.

I’ll tense my body and release my love
into my cock your ass will shove
show you how a woman is won
my spell will make you come undone.

Come to me woman, feed on my lust
then forever with me, stay you must
show you all the need in me
I’ll love you beyond infinity.