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Found Within The Rhyme

What seems so very simple
is not so what it seems;
To complicate the matter
our lives are full of dreams.

Enthralling tours of wonder
cause feelings strong to grow;
Illusions cast long shadows
on paths which lead to woe.

The world is truly lovely
so longs the heart at night;
Within the dream is shining
though distant is the light.

Hot passions tend to smolder
for those who hold them dear;
Longing will always linger
so hearts do slowly tear.

Murals seen imbued within
in love so strong the zeal;
Such scenes painted so deeply
dread time will seek to steal.

Desire’s fruit sweet ripens
love’s nectar to be found;
But dead to earth it’s falling
and makes no thoughtful sound.

To taste the fruit of Eros
resolve with joy it flies;
Cold doubt blunts the purpose
with winter’s breath it dies.

When two lovers are loving
then souls they can be free;
Stormy minds tend to becloud
sure paths one once could see.

Love songs play a melody
sublime heard in a dream;
Though softly sure it whispers
foreign can seem its theme.

A trance of love is beauty
and stunning in its hue;
Always an angst in moments
when taken out of view.

Places for peaceful knowing
keep true the soul at peace;
Paths fade in somber travels
so lost souls tend to cease.

So the quest for loves reward
pursued throughout all time;
No matter words not knowing
’tis found within the rhyme.

Replete In This Dream

replete on justruminating men's blog

Sultry siren softly whispers in night
sweetly singing her hypnotic score
echoes keep my heart from fright
logic dispelled and so much more.

Goddess of my dreams drifts near
an erotic chant swirls arousing me
swift this embrace ignore my fear
lovely soft milky nakedness I see.

Creature of loving urge draws near
trembling my hot arousal screams
sighing gently a mesmerizing stare
her touch hot thunder so it seems.

Breathing her rapturous flowers in
hug gently caress her bosoms bare
ease into a trance dance hot within
wet liquid silk as I touch her there.

Fervent sighs soft passionate chants
molten lust lava ebbs slow from she
quivering siren so breathlessly pants
“enter majesty so set passion free.”

Crimson loins delirious white heat
bodies embracing anxiously sweet
hot opiates deed hypnotizes again
sublimely serene subsides so then

never again suffer one lonely day
replete in this dream we shall stay
to love eternal and flow with lust
divine together ever stay we must.

Wires Crossed

Oh this clinging
is stinging
out of my element
not my true

I’m adrift
on this ocean
stormy tossed
in majesty
adoration all
my wires crossed.

I’ve lost
my mind loving
losing sleep
tossing turning.
Oh!  This anguish
is burning.

Losing all my
get a grip
need to cope
sliding down a
slippery slope.

Oh!  Save me
from rhapsody
such as this
if just for a
blinded by
such bliss.

Do I
hold on too
Of this I
do I give you
pause so from
me you’d hurry?

Oh my love!
I’m naked in
your light
desperately afraid
of need so bright.
“Don’t-as Dylan
go gentle into that
good night.”

I’m raw in this
do not run away
from me
it’s just this
love in angst
it’s ecstasy.
I just had to say…