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Sometimes in a lifetime
we meet a special soul
who fills our very essence
so it would overflow.

The wonder of emotions
the feelings are so fine
love that makes you realize
this meeting was divine.

This soul that lives inside you
is one with your own heart
a bond of light fantastic
even time can’t break apart.

The starting of a journey
in which we both shall be
a reflection of each other
for all eternity.

(so much for that, we are not together anymore, and all I got was this poem, hahaha)

Release This Love: A Sonnet

releasethislove on justruminating men's blog

Should passion unspent never see the day
burn madly scorching yet not feel the sun
desires yearn within cold heart there stay
hence die a slow death as they have begun.
Would such need keep silent and so fade
long languish and drift slow as a cloud
this fervor untamed in loves bed unmade
burn hot and long thus cower never proud.
Deep love unseen not given never known
veiled so shrouded bereft eternal to die
give not your soul and so change to stone
grand beauty then to Heaven I would cry
Dear angels make haste to her curse fly thee
Remove this blight and send my love to me.

My Pen Makes It So

love poem on justruminating mens blog

Now my heart is full with need
My feelings on the page do bleed
How you seemed so far away
yet close you seem to me today.

Crystal clear my thoughts they flow
Through lilac fields they play and go
In my mind they seem so real
Alone and with these thoughts I feel.

How these thoughts are coming true
Your love for me, my love for you
For true my pen makes it so
So sure my sweet we’ll let it grow.

Now my heart is full with trust
that be we will and be we must
Show you love my soul to bare
And love so real we two will share.


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