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The Devotion

movingtime on justruminating men's blog

I fixed the lock
to your room
the door
opens now
you know the one

the one that
has all the
stuff in it.

was thinking maybe
we could clear it out
empty it
purge it
make space for
our own special
kind of Feng Shui.

my storage place
is well lit
your stuff will be
safe there
worry not.

I know sometimes
you might still
need those things

but for now
why don’t we
move the panic
store the fear
remove the matching
nightmares and

they’ll be safe at
my place
safely kept
and if
you find yourself
missing anything
rummage anytime
just grab the key.

I placed it next to
the devotion I put
in the
lovely box
your daughter gave you
so very long ago.

I Was There


what did the raven say
as you laid
your soul bare
to the trees
stoic in the woods?

did the stream
run to you
embrace you
give you solace as
your hot tears bled
into your trembling mouth?

who saw you
that they could
murmur to themselves
how hauntingly sad…
they would never dare.

where did you bury
the razors you chewed
they will never decay
you said
they will never decay.

how dare the sun!
inform on you
as you wept alone
in that forest of woe
your secret sadness unfurled.

I was there

choking on your
your weeping
I gazed and longed
and ached
dying and praying
to kill the despair
that suffocated
the air within you.

but then the raven
drowned in the stream
bleak hellish wings
ripped from the air
stifled, killed dead
in the murmur.

You Are


you are
the dog-eared pages
of a favorite book
I want to read again

you are
the scented boughs
of the magnolia tree
in a hidden glen

you are
the soft warming rain
on a summer night
that falls upon the ground

you are
the song of a lovebird
singing in the dark
oh, the lovely sound!

you are
the lovely goddess
in a mythic tale
making everything right

You are
the sweet in a recipe
filling me with happiness
grateful for you tonight

With Me

With Me

sigh with me
lie with me
until the dawn

tease with me
please with me
until the night
is gone

touch with me
move with me
until the morning

dance with me
prance with me
until the sun
is bright

breeze through me
ease through me
oh, my heart’s

It’s You


your voice
a gentle
falling soft
drowning all my

your face
the rising
shining bright
lighting all my

your soul
a summer
blowing gently
calming all my

your love
the moon’s
staring warmly
keeping all my