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Poetry: Illusion Delusion

Smash this glass
her fantasy
so magically
is captured
for all time
who transfixes me
in idolatry
this love
within my rhyme.

A thousand miles
I’d traverse
just to taste
your skin
but then I would
be afraid my dear
that I’d never
come back again.

From the thrills
the wonder
the spills
the thunder
your heaven
would ignite
so then I’d lose
a million hours
loving every night.

Smash this glass
this fantasy
that makes me think
you’re near
thus away
my happy day
spent in
this dream I fear.

Poetry: Mind Afflicted

Oh my ignoble mind
why must you be so
rueful-this sorrowful pity
abject-I am not contemptible
brooding-unkind contemplations.

Oh my heinous conscience
dare not
mock me-oh the cruelty
taunt me-cuts so deep
bleed me-I flow dying.

Oh my callous intellect
why must you yet
scorn me-is praise so ugly
castigate me-the pain beguiling
disparage me-oh your brutality!

Oh my derisive aspect
dare not
deceive me-illusions prison
betray me-my loyalty shaken
delude me-my truth so naked.

Do not do so!
Oh my afflicted mind
why must you
transcend my heart-this raw love
overtake the purpose-all consuming
of my fierce quest-aching in urgency.

Even still with
scant recompense
I die a thousand deaths
in your ideations.

Poetry: Shattered Prisms

Who is this I have found
lying dying
on the ground
drowning in her
prose and woes
making not one
single sound?

Where does she go to
where does she hide
see how she’s swimming
against a recondite tide?

What have the Gods wrought
crumpled on this plot
corrupt with despair
her broken being
her petrified stare
shattered prisms
that I’m seeing?

Where does she go to
where to does she flee
see how she’s racing
from her heart’s plea?

Such is her duty
moonlit soliloquy
mourning chaotic losses
aching for her history
ever aimless to and fro
furiously seeking yet
tossed by an undertow.

Where does she go to
where does she rest
see how she’s hostage
of the demon’s breast?

Dare not intend to
scour this stain
from her smashed
and broken brain
sadly sit and watch
this show transcendent
from hell’s ascendant.

Where does she go to
where does she sleep
see how she’s locked
in the creature’s keep?

Who is this I have found
rotting degrading
into penury fading
choking on the
bloodied inexorable sands
of her once so
pristine inviolable lands?

‘Tis my love right there
I sob, I fret and stare.