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Just Sayin’: Recovery And Aging

just_sayin_on_recoverywise by Robert M. Levasseur
Here’s the irony of aging in recovery for me:  5 years ago I was in great physical condition, but my spirit was ugly and decrepit.  Today, I’m more aged on the outside, but a lot more beautiful and younger on the inside.  I’ll take that trade.

Just Sayin’: It Staggers Me

just_sayin_on_recoverywise by Robert M. Levasseur
When I gaze at the moon it staggers me.  It has from a very young age.  I realize how unimportant everything truly is.  Except that here we are, hurling through space, caught up in a world of crap when we should be caught up in each other.

Just Sayin’: Vigilance

just_sayin_on_recoverywise by Robert M. Levasseur
The minute I stop being vigilant.  The very moment I start to live with a false sense of security.  That is the exact moment damnation to the core will swallow me whole and spit my bones out.  Alcoholism is a vile and cunning demon.

Just Sayin’: My Opinions

just_sayin_on_recoverywise by Robert M. Levasseur
I am slowly learning that my opinions are not truths.  They are just opinions.  And sometimes, they are better off left unsaid.  And until I can express them as opinions they should remain only my truths.

Just Sayin’: Thought Control

As I think, then so I feel.  Don’t think it’s true?  Think about something sad.  Think about something happy.  Think about something gross.  Think of something beautiful.  I rest my case.  You control how you feel every second of everyday.  Change The Tape.
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