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Poetry: Over Shadows Ruling

Poetry Over Shadows Ruling

Poetry that I have written for my lovely wife, Rebecca. Presented today for the first time anywhere! Visit her blog at My Faces of Life.

Subtly emerging through dawn ascends
silently advancing in cold morning mist
solemnly relieving sentinels of darkness
dour guardians retreat their duties done.

Sovereign resplendent steady she eases
an ancient inviolate purpose so timeless
the sage hot sun resolutely commanding
swiftly brightens satin gray wistful skies.

Black legion of pools swiftly imprisoned
hostages of the growing light and heat
sentinels beset besieged by maneuvers
superior forces their capture obtained.

Bright illuminating over shadows ruling
whimsical sun seeming in her dominion
still resolutely ruling eternal the darkest
among the far hidden regardless the way.

My Miscellany: Thank You For You!


friend on justruminating men's blog Because of you I am learning for the first time in my 53 years what a friendship between a man and woman can be!

Poetry: Elements Easing

When swift wind is blowing
and birds free breeze the dale
my hopeless heart is lightened
gone the gloomy gale.

When sweet child is playing
and laughs full loud with glee
my mirthless mind is gladdened
gone the sorrowed sea.

When mauve moon is rising
and stars shine through the night
my shadowed soul is brightened
gone the bleary blight.

Poetry: Joyous Love Stays

Float flowing vale
bright sunny beam
beyond thick trees
dally in my dream.

Drift flowered field
sweet warming sun
beyond cool clouds
so colors do run.

Soar darkened dale
minds mystic kiss
beyond stark shade
such a perfect bliss.

Moon midnight high
freeze eternal gaze
steadfast hold night
so love joyous stays.

Poetry: Divine

Sometimes in a lifetime
we meet a special soul
who fills our very essence
so it would overflow.

The wonder of emotions
the feelings are so fine
love that makes you realize
this meeting was divine.

This soul that lives inside you
is one with your own heart
a bond of light fantastic
even time can’t break apart.

The starting of a journey
in which we both shall be
a reflection of each other
for all eternity.