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The Sum Of These

There are days
meant for living
and there are those
that are unforgiving.

Dreams can soar
and fly so high
and they can fall
and wither and die.

Life can be easy
a joy to feel
or feed you poison
and make you reel.

Loving can be
a precious thing
or all your blood
from you wring.

The sum of these
can happiness make
or punch you out
and make you break.

Thank You For You!

friend on justruminating men's blog Because of you I am learning for the first time in my 53 years what a friendship between a man and woman can be!

Elements Easing

elementseasing on justruminating men's blog

When swift wind is blowing
and birds free breeze the dale
my hopeless heart is lightened
gone the gloomy gale.

When sweet child is playing
and laughs full loud with glee
my mirthless mind is gladdened
gone the sorrowed sea.

When mauve moon is rising
and stars shine through the night
my shadowed soul is brightened
gone the bleary blight.

Her Voice

her voiceLoving words dictate the days
of the rhythm and of its ways
sweet it rests and surely stays
until love’s portent softly plays.

A  quiet sound can seem loud
loosens my lonely sullen crowd
from a mind which can be proud
renews a hope shreds a shroud.

In this park sweet children run
playing at games and having fun
shout and laugh under the sun
joyous loving this day is won.

Her voice soft such joyful things
buries dead all my sullen kings
to my heart to my soul it sings
such revelry to me she brings.