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So mangy
is this dog
that nips at my heels
matted fur
with a
bitter stench.

Its eyes
half guilty
half wanting
always needing
a morsel
of kind remembrance
staunch in its

Go away
turn that
ragged ass
and slink back
your cold
and lonely
and jealous

There is
no treat for you
I always loved
cats best
at least
you know when
your life
breaks free
they could
give a shit.

You can
find them on
the windowsill
on a warm
sunny day
funny that
is where I am
we are and
you are not.

My Miscellany: The Ex: The Final Words

wp-1485298089762.jpgWell, I thought I was finished with talking about the ex.  Apparently not.  But these WILL BE the final words she gets.

A poet friend emailed me today saying that my ex has been contacting her and telling her all kinds of wonderful things about me and our past.

REWIND:  My ex found out from a friend that I was running a gofundme campaign and that I had a blog.  The ex–with the help of some of her friends, carpet bombed me on the gofundme page and also on my blog until I figured out how to stop their being published.

That not being good enough, apparently the ex has decided she will blog about whatever she has decided to blog about, and to contact my followers.  I am very proud of the fact that I have stuck to my decision NOT to ever read a single word she types.  That part of my life is dead and buried.  Gone baby, gone.  I made it out.

buh bye

So, if you are contacted by the Ex, I am sorry in advance.  Also, I don’t need to defend who I am and what I am about.  I know how I lead my life, and who I am.  According to my poet friend the ex feels it her duty to warn all the women out here about me.  I could care less.  I addressed it once, and now it’s twice and DONE.

Just to be clear:

  • I am terribly sorry if you are harassed, you are grown enough to draw your own conclusions.  Apparently the ex is determined to tell “her” side of the story.
  • I do not blog to meet women.  If I want to meet women, I will do it locally, or on any number of dating sites for gosh sake!
  • I blog because I love to write and it is part of my recovery.  I have devoted a lot of my blog to “Passing It On,” a concept in AA that once you receive the gifts of recovery you “Pass It On”.  My life is an open book out here.
  • Please do not contact me about the ex.  I don’t need to know anything, I lived with her for 3 years, I know everything there is to know.

I have over 520 posts on my blog, and that’s just since Oct 20!  Of all those posts I posted two poems about the ex.  I have never said an unkind word, though I did illustrate pieces of my history there.  Here are my final words on this subject: