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Reblog: a long time coming

This woman is about to knock your socks off!

when they ask to hear the story years later i will tell it in the momenthow it was so near to the beachif you closed your eyes and the trains were far enoughyou could feel the jetty creak beneath the weight of glowing bonesa summer dusk in octoberwe watched the sun set for an houruntil […]

a long time coming

Reblog: The Art of ‘Letting Go’

How this woman does great philosophy!

Ever tell someone to do that? Ever say to yourself “I just need to let go.” and then wonder why – after two months – you’re still hurting over it/her/him/whatever? Jeez. How mysteriously annoying! I’ve said it and had it said to me numerous times. It is a mystery – the pain that refuses to […]

The Art of ‘Letting Go’

Reblog:  Gods of the Field

This man is a writing force.  Steve Pearson

We’ve been here before: a pregnant state

Heavy with the fug of tribal weight

The midst of attack amid sanguine cry

Carried on wind with lust to die

Marched to battle like castrati soldiers

Carrying the team on castrati shoulders

Wet from the clash, with booze and juice

We cry and scream diffuse abuse
Screaming the team to the other’s boxBaying […]

Gods of the Field