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Our Blog Community Kicks Ass!

friends on justruminating men's blogHi guys, I just wanted to share with you some of our blog milestones.  Yes, OUR, because without you, there wouldn’t be a justruminating.  These milestones would never have been achieved without your love and support.  I feel like bragging today.  Hell, I guess some level of validation, love, attention, appreciation never killed anyone; so give yourselves a pat on the back.

You have shown me kindness, attention, and over and over again showed that you would be with me no matter what I posted.  You’ve been incredibly instrumental in my recovery as well.  THANK YOU!  I will be back sometime early April with lots more good stuff!

As a way of saying thanks, I thought I would introduce you to the first 25 bloggers ever to follow me.  I found a cool new way to link to bloggers, so you will see others coming very soon!  The top link brings you to the blogger’s gravatar page, the bottom link to their website.

Show ’em some love and go say hi!

Look at what WE have achieved just since October 18, 2016!  This is what people can do when they come together in love and unity!  Good stuff people!

Justruminating Milestones:


885 Posts

59 Categories


39, 010 “Likes”

Best Day February 20th:


344 Visitors



To My first 25 Followers, YOU ROCK!!


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Bryan Grogan
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freckles for breakfast
Psychic Medium Ian Scott
Casey E Bean
Deniz Yalım
Victoria B.
Thoughts in Life
Chris Karl
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Minal Dalal Co-Creator

My Ruminations: Goodbye WordPress

leavingWell dear readers, it’s time for me to once again simplify my life.  I will not be posting anything on my blog until further notice.  I’m exhausted from the reading and writing.  I have lost some of my purpose.  The purpose that led me to this place.  I am exhausted and I am disillusioned.

Before I lose my way completely, I have to step back.  I am going to work ardently on my Inexhaustible Life of Chaos, my life story.  I will be posting only sections of this work as I finish each section.  I hope that you will still be around for this.  I have not penned one single word yet, and I don’t know when that will be.

I will probably lose some of what is here.  I guess some of us–if not all to some degree–are used to internet “likes.”  Likes on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and WordPress.  Have we gone outside ourselves for the love we all so desperately need?  Have we become a culture of instant “feel good?”  Have we come to the idea that we are okay based upon how many “likes” we amass?

I know perhaps I have.  Perhaps you have not.  If you haven’t, congratulations on your incredible intestinal fortitude.  But this writer has cared too much about how many readers have read his work.  This writer wants to change the world, save everyone.  I can’t do that.  I am only on Instagram and WordPress.  I feel let down when something I have created doesn’t receive the audience I thought it would.  For me, that is not how I intend to live my life.

I have tried to do too much, I think, with my blog.  My expectations–symptomatic of my Ego–have been unrealistic and disappointing.  I’m not saying I have a big Ego.  I am saying this stems from Ego (and ID as well).  I have learned that I am not that important.  I can thank my Borderline Personality Disorder for trying to be more important than I am.

I am not saying I am not of value.  But I have been humbled by this experience.  I realize that, once again, I have fallen in the trap of looking without for what I can find within.  My validation is not to be found in a world of “likes.”  It is to be found in my personal introspections and meditations.

That being said, I welcome you to peruse my other 900+ posts.  However, I am not under any delusion about that:  most folks read through the reader.  And, since I will not be posting what I have always called “fresh cuts,” my readership will plummet.  Oh well, I no longer care about that–as I shouldn’t.  At first my Ego was disheartened at this, which only further cemented the fact that I need to press pause on this world.

I know that my Ego has gotten in the way.  It is not easy to confess that I have fallen prey to this world of illusion.  I need to work on controlling my ego and find a balance for myself.  I want to write my story because I still see the value of writing for my recovery.  But I have, as I do with everything, taken this blog to the extreme.

Therefore, thank you all for your loving support.  I have met some INCREDIBLE people here.  I have met some of the loveliest souls I have ever met, and I will see you all again.  I can’t tell you how very grateful I am for the kindness, the loving comments, the attention those of you who have truly been committed to me and my work.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

I do wish you all the joy and happiness that life can bring if you just give it a chance.  Give yourself the compassion you deserve.  Travel the road to yourself.  And, when I finish the first in my series of my Inexhaustible Life of Chaos, it will posted here I will be posting the 2nd winner of my Robust Ruminator Award soon as well.

And, as always, you may reach me at my email address should you ever just need a kind soul to hear you.  keatsj1964@gmail.com

May your Higher Power bless you all with infinite serenity.

My Miscellany: 500 Followers!

wp-1485298089762.jpgIt seems like just yesterday I was celebrating 400 followers, and now I am blessed with 525!  I don’t know what to say except thank you all so much for your love and support.

There have been many times during my current recovery that I have had only this community to turn to for support.  You have never let me down!  I am certain that being able to interact with so many of you wonderful folks is a major factor in my wellness.

followers on justruminating men's blog

I am working hard at restructuring my blog so that you can access my content much more easily!  I hope that you enjoy the new features I have created.  Particularly “A Higher Power”, where I discuss spirituality, and also “Blog Spotlight”, where I highlight random poets throughout the day.  It’s just two more ways I am trying to give back to you.

I think most of you know this blog, while I do write for my well being, is essentially me giving back to the community that has been there for me since I began it.  I hope that you will continue to walk with me in this crazy journey we all call life!

Thank you all, and many blessings!

My Miscellany: Heads Up

wp-1485298089762.jpgJust a heads up that my ex is creeping my blog and may resort to contacting my followers directly.  I thought about privatizing my blog, but I will not succumb to these resentments.

I apologize in advance if she does contact you.  Unfortunately, resentments are powerful things in some people’s lives.  I wish there was a way for me to control this behavior.  I have contacted WordPress about this issue.

You do not deserve to be harassed by anyone in this community.  By the same token, I will not allow anyone to strong arm me from my purpose.

Thank you for all your support!

My Miscellany: Thank You! 400 Followers!

wp-1485298089762.jpgI want to thank each and every one of you for being with me on my journey.  You are a huge reason why I remain sober today!  This community has shown me tremendous love and support, and I hope I have been able to provide you the same.

That you support me is not my true healing.  I am full of gratitude for you.  It is your words and courage and bravery in your posts that sustain me!  Never edit your feelings and emotions on your blog–someone is going to benefit from what you have to say, from your experiences!  Like me!

400 followers on justruminating men's blogYou all have taught me a lot in the few short months I have been here.  I can’t tell you how many times I have read your words and simply shook my head, amazed at your experiences.  I have changed for the better because of many or your posts.

Thank you once again!  I will always remember reaching 400 followers on my 8 month sobriety date!  You truly are my home away from home.