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Restless Repose

broken on justruminating mens blog
I am broken
my bones
will not endure
this sum of
under the
loveless sun
they are crushed.

Peer long
into this grave
this pit of
this black permanence
no heart is
left there
snuffed out
by potentialities
by unrealities
all great illusions
die this way.

Deep is my
cold in my
chest it
suffocates me
entombs me
a gathered gloom
is frozen recompense
for all my
hopes and delusions
put to sleep

I lie in
restless repose
no lover’s kiss
for me
my woeful screams
are unheeded
by anyone that
could matter
did matter
I’m forgotten
in this permanent
filth of despair.


process on justruminating men's blogthe day comes when breath
heaves once and is gone
decrease of uprising
morosely easing into…

and then the stark vision
of darkness and shapes
aged in a centruy until
dust to know the earth again

to where it flies and splashes
harmoniously spins neatly
joins the awesome pulse grasps
knowledge ebbs slowly inward

unknown there save newer
land tilled and weeded again
damp magnificent space and
then again co-joined reality

strengthened mightily one
time in timeless beauty
breathing in and screaming
out until it pulses again

this is nature’s law without
restrictions this is life
kissing death in unison

Positivity: Advice From A Dying Man