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Robmoji Says: To Haters

Sorry, but once in awhile you just gotta step out of the mindset of spirituality, lovingkindness, mindfulness, and tell those that would seek you harm, to the haters, to the pompous asses in the world:


And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.


malodour on justruminating men's blogA fragrance drifts
incessantly mists
the hair on my neck
is it
reminiscent of lust?

I sense the odor
is in the jar…but
how then
is it that
I smell it?
It being
so far away
and yet
somehow seeping
all around me?

Incessantly creeping
this opiate
from a dark chamber
sleeps in Hamlet’s bed
a dagger seems
easier to love
than the smell of you.