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Our Blog Community Kicks Ass!

friends on justruminating men's blogHi guys, I just wanted to share with you some of our blog milestones.  Yes, OUR, because without you, there wouldn’t be a justruminating.  These milestones would never have been achieved without your love and support.  I feel like bragging today.  Hell, I guess some level of validation, love, attention, appreciation never killed anyone; so give yourselves a pat on the back.

You have shown me kindness, attention, and over and over again showed that you would be with me no matter what I posted.  You’ve been incredibly instrumental in my recovery as well.  THANK YOU!  I will be back sometime early April with lots more good stuff!

As a way of saying thanks, I thought I would introduce you to the first 25 bloggers ever to follow me.  I found a cool new way to link to bloggers, so you will see others coming very soon!  The top link brings you to the blogger’s gravatar page, the bottom link to their website.

Show ’em some love and go say hi!

Look at what WE have achieved just since October 18, 2016!  This is what people can do when they come together in love and unity!  Good stuff people!

Justruminating Milestones:


885 Posts

59 Categories


39, 010 “Likes”

Best Day February 20th:


344 Visitors



To My first 25 Followers, YOU ROCK!!


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Minal Dalal Co-Creator

My Miscellany: Community


I want to take a minute to thank all of you!  Dear readers, you make up my wonderful blog community and your frequent comments sustain and uplift me!

I had recently posted about some of the troubles I was experiencing here at the treatment facility.  Your comments, suggestions, and words of inspiration truly helped me.

When you take the time to comment and share your own stories and points of view, that is validation for me.  It encourages me to continue to write in the hopes that more of you will come forward and share your thoughts with the rest of the community.

Charity brochure final.cdrI write in the hopes that my experiences, as well as my struggles, might somehow be helpful to some of you.  Please, don’t ever hesitate to send along your thoughts, comments, tips, suggestions.  The worse thoughts are those unexpressed!  I am a big boy, I can handle being told if my attitude needs an adjustment!

So, as you go forth in your day today, know that I am here doing well.  I made it past some of the minor trials I was experiencing.  I know life is a journey, not a destination.  I want to share my ups and my downs, as well as my sideways!  Thank you again for sharing yours.  I am learning so much having spent lots more time reading so many of your blogs.

“I blog, therefore I am.”


My Sunny Side: Kindness

sunnysideupI’ve decided to try a new feature in my blog: Sunny Side Up (I actually like over medium eggs lol) me trying to be my funny, sarcastic, positive, uplifting, grateful, off the wall self! I am going to show my positive side. My life is not all doom and gloom, And WovenEclipse helped me see that. So, thank you Rebecca!


I posed a difficult request to the world and the world was kind.  I was extremely apprehensive about reaching out and asking for help.  It just goes to show you, when you are thinking a situation is going to turn out terrible, when you use what we call in Mindfulness Group as the “Emotional Mind”, rather than the “Wise Mind” you can miss wonderful opportunities.

This community came out in support of me.  If not with donations, with reblogging my call for help, with kind words and even a few texts.  Who says the world is going to shit?  I, for one, am here to say that the human spirit is alive and well.  Acts of kindness and love for each other is alive and well and it lives with you!

From across the world fellow bloggers have reached out to show love and support and I was staggered by the outpouring of kindness and good wishes.  I mean, it’s not like I thought everyone was going to un-follow me and head for the hills, lol.  But I guess I thought people would just silently observe and pass.  They did not.

No, many of you showed the content of your characters.  The size of your hearts.  The generosity of your spirit.  Your lovingkindness.  And I will be forever changed by it.

Thank You!


My Sunny Side: Impressions

sunnysideupI’ve decided to try a new feature in my blog: Sunny Side Up (I actually like over medium eggs lol) me trying to be my funny, sarcastic, positive, uplifting, grateful, off the wall self! I am going to show my positive side. My life is not all doom and gloom, And WovenEclipse helped me see that. So, thank you Rebecca!

So there you are!  Whether you are on your laptop in some cafeteria, reading these words on your computer in a comfy chair, or doing a quick run through on your phone, you are in the moment with me!

As I write this I am appreciating you being here.  I am trying to visualize you reading my words as they move left to right on the page.  Now then, let’s have a smile right here!  I was smiling as well.

It could be your morning, my night.  It could be you’ve finished your day and have just now sat down to read some selections in the blogosphere.  Well, dear reader, thank you so very much for sitting with me for a few minutes.  As you read this I want you to take 10 seconds to meditate on the word I have typed below, just humor me:


Ah, finished?  Well, I want you to know I also meditated on that word with you.  Ironic, I did it at the same time as you.  Don’t believe me?  What’s the second word that came up in your mind?  For me, it was impression.  What was the second word that came to your mind, and why?

Indelible Impressions

that’s what you are to me.  That’s what you give me.  Each of you who reads my words, each of you whose words I read.  You leave little Indelible Impressions on me all the time, and I thank you dearly for them!  They comfort me, they humor me, they entertain me, they educate me.  But, mostly, they change me.  They make me a better person than when I began.  YOU make me a better person with your sharing, and with your caring.

Without you these past few months, I daresay my journey would have surely been stunted.  My growth not nearly as measurable.  Your presence, however thorough, however brief, is meaningful to me.  You are meaningful to me.

I just wanted to write a whimsical Sunny Side that put us in the moment together.  I feel like we truly connected, odd as that sounds, I believe we truly did.  And I believe that we shall continue to do so!


Eckhart Tolle: Fellowship

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