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My Daily Thought: Nothing To Cry About

wp-1485751247123.jpgWhen I think I’m having a bad day, all I have to do is go to the hospice building and talk to Sergeant Major Hayes.  He’s 85, bedridden, and spends most of his evenings fighting a war that ended in 1945.  Part of the time he fades in and out of dementia.  The rest of the time he tells me stories about things he’ll never do again.  No, I’m not having a bad day at all…

My Daily Thought: Hold That Thought

wp-1485751247123.jpgI am learning to think before I speak.  Because usually the first thought that comes to mind, isn’t usually the best thought that comes to mind.  I am learning the right answer comes within a few moments of the first.

My Daily Thought: Check Your Attitude

wp-1485751247123.jpgHere’s a funny thing:  Bad Attitude, Bad Day.  Sad Attitude, Sad Day.  Hopeful Attitude, Hopeful Day.  My attitude has a lot to do with how my day goes.  Change my attitude, change my day.  Cool.

My Daily Thought: CBC

wp-1485751247123.jpgIf you look anywhere online you will not find the statement ‘Consideration Before Condemnation.’  That’s because I made it up 6 months ago.  Yup, I’m taking credit for it.  CBC has helped me to remember to stop and think before I act/react.  It’s a huge reason why I have made so much progress in my recovery.  Try it, I think you will be surprised at the results.

My Daily Thought: How I Think

wp-1485751247123.jpgI love quotes in A.A.  One of them is “Stinkin’ Thinking.”  When my thoughts stink, my emotions suffer; my life suffers.  When I realigned my thinking to the good, there is a subtle shift back to center; a shift back to equilibrium.