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Just Sayin’: Hold That Thought


I am learning to think before I speak.  Because usually the first thought that comes to mind, isn’t usually the best thought that comes to mind.  I am learning the right answer comes within a few moments of the first.

Just Sayin’: Check Your Attitude


Here’s a funny thing:  Bad Attitude, Bad Day.  Sad Attitude, Sad Day.  Hopeful Attitude, Hopeful Day.  My attitude has a lot to do with how my day goes.  Change my attitude, change my day.  Cool.

Just Sayin’: Consideration Before Condemnation


If you look anywhere online you will not find the statement ‘Consideration Before Condemnation.’  That’s because I made it up 6 months ago.  Yup, I’m taking credit for it.  CBC has helped me to remember to stop and think before I act/react.  It’s a huge reason why I have made so much progress in my recovery.  Try it, I think you will be surprised at the results.

Just Sayin’: How I Think


I love quotes in A.A.  One of them is “Stinkin’ Thinking.”  When my thoughts stink, my emotions suffer; my life suffers.  When I realigned my thinking to the good, there is a subtle shift back to center; a shift back to equilibrium.

Just Sayin’: Vigilance


The minute I stop being vigilant.  The very moment I start to live with a false sense of security.  That is the exact moment damnation to the core will swallow me whole and spit my bones out.  Alcoholism is a vile and cunning demon.

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