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Their Sorrow

delusion on justruminating mens blogLife is
but a show
for stars
the moon
and the sun.

Emotions are
for little kids
as they play
and run.

Love is
just a fairytale
from books
from poems
never to be won.

Living is
just a dream
from which
we never wake.

Feelings are
awful things
their pain
their sorrow
strong they ache.

Love is
but a fantasy
never a reality
never can partake.

His Awful Visage

stygian rider

He is coming
for me
The stygian rider
on his hellish
steed whose nostrils
spit fire
he is coming
he is coming
for me.

Entrenched and
my heart trembles
seems resigned
to this reality
this inevitability
this clash of
overlords divided
mind and heart
and combative.

for sacred sanctity
questionable ties
their truth their way
an epic struggle
two worlds colliding
battling and
warring over their
precious notions
quintessential hostilities.

The earth rumbles
mud filled trench
thick with despair
stench of vomit
the rider approaches
axe wielded high
his awful visage
fixed on me
his terrifying shriek
he is here
he is here
for me.

A Cold White Door


A cold white door
not in my home
one key
golden hope
not in her hand.

Oh the cold
pale room!
not in my dreams
who could have
not in my mind.

the vengeful
blows angry
inside we’re
touch of shaking fingers.

Estranged white folds
adorn white curves
and pressed against
the idea
we gasp.

Aged in a moment
too soon
the deception revealed
a parting gift
and a
parted loss
is all I know.

Blind Romance

blindromance on justruminating men's blog

The wind it howls
through the trees
as I’m crumpled
on wounded knees.

My mind is lost
to the sky
mingles with you
way up high.

Time is thieving
stealing days
rotting my hope
so love decays.

My soul tormented
through the years
suffering silence
burn my tears.

The wind it howls
through the night
scatters careless
my loveless plight.

I seek the courage
I seek the chance
To run and embrace
this blind romance.

Though not a daily
tale to tell
my dream it lives
I know it well.

Dumping Some Angst

When I just want to blow off some serious angst..like right now.  I usually play it two or three times, just to make sure I got it all.