Robmoji: There Are No Soulmates Dummies



Newflash peo  THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS YOUR SOULMATE!  We are all connected to the fabric of life; therefore, YOU don’t get to slice one out for your convenience.

Have you ever bothered to notice here in blog world, how many people are fucked up because of bad relationships?  No, I didn’t think so.  That’s because you have your head up your ass dreaming about “THE ONE.”

Wake up!  Divorce is at an all-time high.  Were you cheated on by the one that you thought was “THE ONE?”  Well that’s because he/she wasn’t!  Kill the unicorns, bury the flowers, run from the rainbow you disillusioned fools!divorce

I know of maybe 2% of the entire population that is “happily” married.  And they are full of it!  We are not built for monogamy.  We are built to love many in our lifetimes.  I have the remedy for what ails you:  get your fucking head out of the clouds and wake up!  Robmoji has a simple solution for your retarded angst:

Here’s what you do.  You find someone you really like–or for cryin’ out loud “love.”  You make a deal with them:

When the flower and candy phase is over.  When ridiculous amount of texts, emails, phone calls trail off.  When you start moving to your side of the bed instead of–ugh-“snuggling.  When you’ve exhausted all possible sexual positions.  When she is watching TV and he is on the internet looking at porn, you should both just shake hands and thank each other for the wonderful relationship, and step off!

There you go!  No need to bellyache that you thought he/she was the one–because they weren’t–no need to start that downward spiral.  No need to cheat on one another.  No need to go over your friends and bawl about they don’t do this anymore, they don’t do that anymore.  Just shake fucking hands, wave goodbye, and tip-tip-tallyho!

goodbye on justruminating men's blog

Think about it:  you can remove a lot of bullshit by just knowing up front that the steak isn’t going to sizzle after a while, and you both want to eat at a different restaurant when that happens.  There’s over 7.35 BILLION people on the planet folks!!.  Do you honestly think you are going to find a damn soul mate out there?

Too much love literature, WAY too much fake tv fuels ridiculous notion of how love works.  It’s pathetic.  You’re pathetic for buying into that retarded pipe dream.  Don’t EVEN get me started on this fucking Twin Flames shit–I’ll just lose my mind.  Those folks are sniffin glue or something.

Go find a hot guy/gal, have a great time for about 9 months, then move on.  Enjoy the initial flame of love, and when your bottle rocket of romance hits the pavement, MOVE ON.  And by the way, don’t start whining about this post.  Deal with it.  And don’t comment to Rob, he still believes in that crap.  What a loser.  He makes me sick.



  • Laughed so hard I cried.

  • Reblogged this on A Journey Through A Woman's Heart and commented:
    If only …………….. life was not so complicated.

  • Ha ha ha, I sooooo love your post Robmoji, if wishes were horses beggars would ride.

  • I like how you can cut a slice out of fabric and write this RobmoJi, you are a magician! Some girls get excited about boys who don’t want commitment, bad boys like you, how many calls you got out of this young man? Looks like you won’t be visiting my site, it’s full of fairy tales, hope and happy endings! It’s ok I like Rob with no moJi better, he’s cute and funny. Maybe he will be my honey?! Could you ask him for me? Please? ——I hope you see the fun I was having and don’t delete this totally rubbish comment, but it was seriously good fun I don’t get to read anywhere else!

  • I used to agree with this. After 8 years of marriage my opinion has changed. I heard someone say, we get three marriages, they may or may not all be to the same person. My husband and I are on our second marriage to each other. I came really close at one point to giving up on it. But I think it was worth it to reinvent the relationship instead. Now I feel a deeper connection to him than originally.

  • I’m in the 2%…. cheers to hope! : )

  • This is a great post. Wish I had written it. I so agree with Robmoji, neither do I believe in love or soulmates. All crap made up by society.

  • Lol I didn’t use the word handshake. But spooning is such a fun word to say like mushrooms or photosynthesis. Gotcha though … hard work is boring ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I couldn’t agree more Moji, how many times can one wake up to the same face every single day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thank you! Very real post that most people will not admit!

  • I agree there is no such thing as the “one”. After 27 years we are simply 2 people who are the most compatible with the other. There is no happily ever after. Just a lot of hard work mixed with respect and admiration for each other. It is necessary for when you don’t always like each other. Being able to love someone when you don’t like them helps carry you through till you like each other again. And sleeping on opposite sides of the bed is necessary for the nightly movements. As long as there is physical contact be it a foot, arm, butt, we are spooning in our hearts. It takes 2 to make a relationship work. If either of us wasn’t willing to be contribute to our partneship or compromise a lot it wouldn’t.

    • Omg never type spooning on my blog again ecchh, and as far as your other comments. Uggghh, boring. Who wants to work hard? I want it easy. I’ll put in the effort and then, when it gets to be a pain in the ass, and before we start getting all those resentments and “You used to’s”, handshake have a nice life, buh bye

  • Typos….hard not hark and can’t not can!

  • I don’t believe in one true soul mate. And I do not believe in staying in a marriage that is unfulfilling to either partner, just because of a few uttered words.

    But….what I do believe in is saying those few words…and meaning them. I believe in a commitment to the WORK of marriage and not buying into some harlequin BS about how happily ever just…happens. Marriage is hark freaking work and it does and SHOULD evolve as the two committed people in it do and SHOULD. It should be open, honest, vulnerable, and based on a foundation of honor, respect, and love. You can build a damn thing without a foundation, unless you’re not really interested in building something that spans a lifetime and stands the rest of time, age, and the trials of life.

    In my opinion, when two people commit to those things, it can be the single most foundational, safe, and freeing thing in this earth. And it can last more than a lifetime, as it will echo for generations to come.

  • Yeah we tend to think everyone we meet and date that we really like or connect with is the one. Then it turns out not being that way and into the next one. A whole cycle. Perhaps they are better as a good friend, or a life lesson rather than a soul mate.

  • While your anger is maybe a bit over the top for me, lol, I get your sentiment. As someone who is embracing both bisexuality and polyamory, yeah, I get it. I differ from you in that I am me and I will not speak on behalf of or to anyone else on how they choose to live their lives. It’s just not my style. Moving forward, as I embark on relationships, I will hold myself and partner(s) accountable to openness and honesty. As a person who has struggled with fidelity her entire life, I have the guilt of being the cheater, not the cheat-ee. Particularly over the past few months, I have embraced that I love very easily and I connect deeply with people of all genders, ages, etc. I see no reason to limit myself or tie myself down, nor do I see a reason to expect that of another. I am not property to be possessed, I am beauty to be cherished, my partner is a love to be nourished, not possessed.

    All of that said, I refuse to set an expectation on any relationship, because to me, all of your post here is a burden of expectation, not monogamy. There are absolutely people who want and embrace monogamy. The stifling of a marriage, sex life, etc. is the expectation that people place on the other that they will fulfill their every ___. It’s impossible, unkind, and unfulfilling. To me, the only way to have any relationship is to be your own full cup and let others make you overflow and vice versa. Too many flounder in seeking “the one” to complete them, ala Jerry Maguire. No, that’s not reality, that’s toxic, enmeshment, and codependency.

    Just my two cents <3

  • I just caught the last part of that. “Rob still believes in all this shit.”? I’m sure that must be wonderful inside your.. combined head (?).

  • Well I am a cynic by nature and I agree with pretty much everything you just said..
    However, I’ve never even been on a date, so I don’t think I count. :/

  • I completely agree with all of that…..People have to learn and grow, so the one, or yourself can change. therefore they or you are no longer the “one” so yes the one is BS! there are people that happen to meet each others needs for the time being!

    • Holy hell! A mature, confident sensible woman who isn’t flipping out on me. Will you spend the next 9 months with me?

      • I know, id say I am a unicorn but it wouldn’t go down well hehehe
        Yeah sure i will spend 9 months with you!

      • Great. And I have healthy sexual fetishes we can investigate. No twisted sick shit. If you dont, then forget it! Forget the phone, I’ll go live baby!

      • look at you living life on the edge!I might actually be the twisted sick part for all you know! hehe why 9 months?

      • If you are Robmoji doesn’t play that. No sick and twisted shot for me. MAYBE a handcuffs, roleplaying, voyeirism, but that’s it, MAX. 9 months I figure is the cooling off period when you start to find out weird shit…see ya!

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