Robmoji: Who The F@!#% Am I?

wp-1487604712641.pngWho the f@!#% are you?  I’m Robmoji.  I popped out of Rob’s head when he was asleep (I think the bastard outed me) and took over my own section of his blog.

I am the one with Bipolar, Alcoholism, Childhood Trauma, BPD, and Adjustment Disorder.  Hey, don’t judge!  Rob is being the guy he was supposed to always be (barf).  Don’t say anything, but I think he’s trying to get rid of me!

You see, the problem with Rob and all this recovery, sobriety, mindfulness, acceptance, one day at a time crap is that Rob has kind of lost a part of him that was funny, spontaneous, sarcastic.

You heard right, do I stutter?  I used to love living in his head, but now he’s a bore.  I am here to set the record straight on things he’s lost his nuts to do so.

Don’t like what I have to say?  Keep steppin’, there’s plenty of blogs out here that are politically correct.  Mine won’t be one of them.  I say the things other people think, but don’t have the balls to say.

Before you know it, I will be in command of the minions of smart followers.  The ones who still have the sense to get out of their heads and put their shit onto the streets.  wp-1487605288431.pngBy the way, I can be nice once in a while:  keep an eye out for one of my regular features:  Robmojis List.

I guess I gotta give some love to get it.  I’ll be featuring Top Ten Lists of bloggers in different categories, like poets, comedians, bleeding hearts, etc.

I just want comments and likes from the cool, smart bloggers.  Chumps can go to hell.  Chumps are the ones who “Like” posts and never read your shit.  I know, I’ve seen it happen on Rob’s blog countless times.  And he thinks he has such a following, hahaha.

So pay attention when you see my posts.  I’ll know exactly what’s going on.  Oh, and don’t press the “Like” button and act like you read my entire post; you’re so fake I can smell you coming from a mile away.  You’re not foolin’ nobody.  Yeah, it’s not grammatically correct.  Got a problem with that?

I didn’t think so.



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