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Robmoji_manythanksRobmoji’s List is a new feature where I will be highlighting WordPress bloggers in various categories.


Today’s List:  My Last 10 Followers

I guess in order for you like me, I should do a shout out to Rob’s newest followers.  Without folks like you, I would be talking into the wind.  I always try to read as many blogs as I can, but keep in mind it’s all about Robmoji, and not you.

I welcome you all to my community.  Make sure you read more of my posts than Rob’s.  I know that my community will welcome you as well!

Here are my latest 10 followers in no particular order.  In each instance I have linked to their About pages so you can learn more about them.  If there is no link to an About Page, then I link to the main page so you can choose what you want to read.

  1. apatientvoice 

  2. Stevie’s Law

  3. lettersthatmatter

  4. the year (s) of living non-judgementally

  5. hopesofheart

  6. Words and that


  8. future advocate shubham mubi

  9. Prateek’s Helping H@nd

  10. Dawn Peace

And you better be reading my posts!  The hell with Rob, Robmoji is a much better writer!  Good luck and all that stuff.


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