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Recovery Retro features posts from my archives 2016-2017, my chronicles of recovery from alcoholism, mental health issues, and substance abuse. After 35 years of chaos, my life in several VA Treatment Programs was anything but boring. Join me as I share with you my most intimate posts about spirituality, living in the now, acceptance, gratitude, mindfulness, and the lessons I learned that keep me sober to this day.

Published 02/28/2017 at 7:25 p.m. – Day 132 of Treatment

A.A. has a lot of terrific slogans that can be applied to anything in life.  I have compiled a list and put comments next to each one as to what I think that slogan means for me, not for you, for me.  Feel free to comment with any I have missed.  You don’t have to go to A.A. to benefit from A.A., but it is one of the pillars by which I remain sober today.

Here is Part I of the list.  I will post the rest of the list down the road:

  • Easy does itslowing my world down.  It means not getting too high, not getting too low.
  • First things firstalways keeping my sobriety first, no matter what is happening in my life, sobriety first, everything else second.
  • Live and let liveI will live my life and be at peace letting others live theirs.
  • But for the grace of god–if it wasn’t for God, I’d be in deep shit.
  • Let go and let godhand over your control, your troubles, your woes to God and let Him handle them for you.
  • This too shall passnothing lasts forever, don’t get too caught up in your issues, they will not be with you forever.
  • Keep coming back….it works if you work itif you can do nothing more, then just keep showing up.
  • Stick with the winnershang with the folks who have been following the program and staying sober.
  • Sobriety is a journey….not a destination–there is no end-game.  I will be an alcoholic fighting to stay sober forever.
  • Faith without works is dead–you can be as spiritual as you want, but without practicing those same principles, it’s irrelevant.
  • If god seems far away, who moved?–a ponderance that makes you realize you need to get with God, or spirituality.
  • Turn it over–the main tenant of Step 3.  Turning my problems, issues, concerns, etc over to my Higher Power.
  • We are only as sick as our secrets–whatever you hold onto and don’t let go will keep you sick and/or in addiction.
  • There are no coincidences in AA–everything in A.A. happens for a reason, and that reason is God (Higher Power).
  • Be part of the solution, not the problem–stay out of your way as you seek the solution to your problem, or you will be the problem.

Please remember, my interpretations of these slogans may be different for you.  What effect, if any, do some of these slogans have on your life?  I have part two coming tomorrow.  I’d love to hear if you have any other AA slogans, and how they have applied to your own life and/or sobriety.

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