Recovery Today: Issue I

I have to include Recovery Today magazine in my blog. It is an incredible resource, and entertaining as well!

From the Recovery Today website:

Recovery Today Magazine is a Magazine of Hope! Everything we do MUST lead to Hope. We ask one question about every article, every interview, every video, book, resource or guide we consider. “Does it give hope?” If the answer is “No”, then it will not be in Recovery Today Magazine.

Nationally recognized addiction expert, Greg Hannley is the Publisher of Recovery Today Magazine. He is also the Chief Recovery Officer and Board Member of Vivera Pharmaceuticals, Founder of SOBA Recovery Center, Founder and Executive Producer of Malibu Films, Founder of Prince Boxing. Greg has appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live, Fox News, Fox and Friends, San Antonio Living, and other national media outlets. His vision is to help those suffering from the disease of addiction and to evangelize a simple, powerful message; there is hope.

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