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Tentatively titled Principles of Purpose: A Guide To Living Wisely, is an ongoing draft of a concept I might one day publish a book on. It’s essentially 30 Principles that I think are essential to living life wisely. Some are principles that I wished I had learned much earlier in life. Many are principles that I only learned in recovery in 2016-2017. Still other principles were ones I had applied off and on during my 56 years.

PrefaceIntroductionTrusting Your GutUse Good Judgement
ListenRegulate EmotionsSet BoundariesBe Mindful
Practice ModerationManage ExpectationsResolve ConflictPlan Ahead
Have PatienceBe YourselfPractice AcceptanceBe Grateful
Manage Money

“Be yourself- not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.”

Henry David Thoreau
be yoruself

Who hasn’t been told to just “Be Yourself” at least once in their lifetime? What does that mean exactly? Certainly there are situations in life that it would not be appropriate to be yourself. I mean your true self. The one you truly ought to be. The person you are most comfortable being.

That is not to suggest that you be disingenuous. I mean it more to suggest being yourself with reservations. For example, at work. You can be yourself to the degree that you fit into the milieu. You certainly don’t want to unleash the hounds and be yourself completely. No.

You can, however, be yourself to the degree that you do not compromise who you are essentially. Who you are without compromising your morals, scruples, beliefs. You certainly would not reveal the deepest and darkest secrets about yourself in the form of self-disclosure at work as you would, say, around your intimate family and friends.

What Does It Mean To Be Yourself?

Well it’s who you are at the core. What you believe in. Without labels. Without peer pressure or familial prejudice. It’s how you dress. How you conduct yourself without fear or apprehension. You can be your authentic self in most circumstances though. Just how brave do you want to be?

living authentically

There is inherent value in being able to live authentically and express oneself, and such self-actualization can make our lives feel truly worth living. As the late philosopher Lawrence Becker proclaimed, “autonomous human lives have a dignity that is immeasurable, incommensurable, infinite, beyond price.”

In order to live a meaningful life, then, make sure you are in touch with yourself—that you are living a life endorsed by yourself, not a life aiming at pleasing others. If you don’t follow your own values and dreams, you are most probably following values set by others—in the worst case the shallow, materialistic values promoted by mass culture and advertisements.

And there is nothing more disappointing in life than living someone else’s dream. As some wisecracker has put it, it is better to be yourself, as everyone else is already taken.

How To Be Yourself

Rather than drivel on about the myriad ways you can be yourself, I decided to compile a list from various sources on the internet. The following list are what I think represent the best ways to be yourself. So, go out and be the best you that you can be!

don’t aim to please otherslearn more about yourself
don’t worry about how others view youappreciate who you are
be confident with who you areforgive yourself
stop being negative about yourselffind a hobby you love
learn from your mistakesstrive for what you want to accomplish
become more aware of your inner thoughtsfollow your intuition
identify your strengths and weaknessesdon’t compare yourself to others
don’t succumb to peer pressuresurround yourself with positive people
don’t judge yourselfdon’t be too hard on yourself
treat yourself as your own best frienddevelop and express your individuality
advocate for yourselffollow your own sense of style
admit when you are wrongstand up for others
accept who you arelove yourself
express yourself in a variety of waysshow your vulnerability
be self-awaredon’t worry about what other people think
build a foundation of self-knowledgeidentify your beliefs
stick to your moralsspeak your truth
be respectful of yourselfforgive yourself
never be what others think you should bebe comfortable in your own skin
take riskstrust in who you are
open your mindopen your heart
free your spiritlive courageously
accept yourselfpractice gratitude

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