My Poetry

Butterflies DriftThe Sum Of TheseIn My Heart TrueSeep Bone Coldly
Breakfast of ChampionsTheir SorrowHis Awful VisageSuch Pretty Words
Within The RhymeMy Anguished CallThrough Everything IThrough Everything II
BitchRestless ReposeClean LovingA Breath
Love GrowsA Cold White DoorSonnet of Love IIAgain and Again
Sonnet of Love IYou AreBlind RomanceKnow I’m Keeping
My Mother Cannot LoveNonsensical RhapsodyAnd We Are OneHow and Why
Tomb Of A RoomUse By EternityUsed ToIt’s You
Raging MaliceElements EasingBrief ReprieveJoyous Love Stays
Deep Love UnseenDivineMorning TheatreI Shall Always
If I CouldIllusion DelusionLove RhymeParenthesis
Love UnspokenHeaven And HellYour EyesYork
A Particular PauseOur Secret NightJourney For A KissA Woman And A Day
MalodourAn Orchids DeathSeaside SensesOne Night With You
Replete In This DreamFew My LoveProcessTopaz Thoughts
A Thousand TimesDesolate SadnessSilken KingdomDo Not Seek
Release This LoveDeadly EnemiesRelegate MeIdes Of Lovers
From Mystic SandsWinter ShowThis AudienceDismissed
Spit Forth GutsIn Soft TonguesI Bled HereSolemn Whispers
Entreat This SoulSecrets Yet UntoldWhereGhostly Remnants
My Christmas TreeTheir Overdue KindBy The SmokestackInevitably Some Go
DualityThe Hell Off My TableShe’ll Never KnowIndia Rises
Better Sit DownThese WordsOak TreeEnigmatic World
Shawnee VetsThey Live InsteadMoribundEver To Abide
Thanks MisgivingCome And GoEver To AbideCould You Know
Reveals The MajestyDesolate SadnessAmong Darker TreesThese Gems
A Brief SnowA Call To ArmsOpen Wide PortalsHer Voice
TorchedQuestionsThat I CouldYour Heart
Magic BrushI Will LanguishFresh TorrentDespair
With MeLet MeHave You?Where
Idiotic RuminationsYou AreMyself To MyselfMind Afflicted
GratitudeHaven Of VenerationYour Dead HorizonCold Reaper
If EverShe Went AwayExhaustedLay With Me
Passing EveningHere Just AwhileNightfallIt Shadows Darker
My Pen Makes It SoWalk NearerSunday SoldiersA Kind of Love
Shattered PrismsTheir SalvationSavagely SpentSteadfast
Thoughts Of YouYetLet MeI Was There
In The MomentsAscend AwayWith Your LoveWires Crossed
Universe DestructedThe DevotionAs ConstantLove’s Conundrum
Resolute In RageA KissKeeper of My AdorationsCandyland
Come CloserMyriad OasisI LingerLove’s Labour
This Love We ShowSanctuaryAway This Blight

All poems are my original work. Reprint of any material contained on this blog is strictly prohibited, unless express permission is granted by the owner of RecoveryWise. Images of poetry posts are used in conjunction with the Creative Commons License.

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