My Poetry

All my poetry is my original work. Many forms of poetry are available to read. I have free-verse poetry, rhyming poetry, poetry about love, poetry about nature, and much more! Reprint of any material contained on this blog is strictly prohibited, unless express permission is granted by the owner of RecoveryWise. Images of poetry posts are used in conjunction with the Creative Commons License.

Coming Soon: Book I In My Poetry Anthology Series “Inexhaustible Life of Chaos”
1. Angst & Anger2. Love & Lust3. Me, Myself & I4. Rebecca5. Nature & Life
fatherrestless reposeclean lovinga breath
you arewhite doorprofundityagain and again
that lost dayall the splendorblind romancei am keeping
motherdeviceswe are onehow and why
tomb of a roomuse by eternityused toit’s you
bumble beesilent treessavagely spentforever yours
raging maliceelements easingbrief reprievehold the night
neverdivinemorning theatrei shall always
if i couldillusion delusionlove rhymeparenthesis
unspokenheaven and hellyour eyesyork
a particular pausesecret nightfor a kisswoman
malodouran orchid’s deathseaside sensesone night
october evefewprocesstopaz thoughts
butterflies driftin my heartadvantagestheir sorrow
their sumseep bone coldlyhis awful visageeverything 1
bitchdead to earthpretty wordseverything 2
a thousand timesdesolate sadnesssilken kingdomwhite heat
release thisdeadly enemiesrelegate medamned soul
seasons fadea broken wingexhaustedrueful is day
from mystic sandswinter showthis audiencedismissed
spit forth gutsin soft tonguesi bled heresolemn whispers
thereinyet untoldlovely ideasghostly remnants
christmas treetheir overdue kindbird by rehabinevitably
dualitywhat you’re ableshe’ll neverindia rises
better sit downcabin flooroak treeenigmatic world
shawnee vetsthey live insteadlove’s labourever to abide
thanks misgivingcome and goin my mindcould you know
the majestyshe blossomsdarker treesthese gems
brief snowcall to armswide portalsher voice
torchedquestionsthat i couldyour heart
magic brushi will languishfresh torrentdespair
with meme and youhave youwhere
ruminationsso muchmyself to memind afflicted
gratitudevenerationi seekcold reaper
if evershe went awaycome closerunder the sky
passing eveninghere just awhilenightfallit shadows
now my heartwalk nearersunday soldierssuffocate me
shattered prismstheir salvationcandylandmyriad oasis
a quiet roomyetwarmest affectioni was there
in the momentsascend awaywith your lovewires crossed
universe destructedthe devotionas constantconundrum
resolute in ragea kisspondlistless gaze
indomitablethereinsandy peachesreign down
apt wordsconstant loveswift to hellin that silence
gray and blueuntil dawnme and youskin to skin
and moretime fadeswhat sagein wonder
love isweather it wouldeulogycrystal kingdom
you left mewithin my eyesin this cosmosthis sanctuary
i lingerin my gladnessa bowl of sunvague visions
cast awayon bended kneefragment of loveoctober day
defeat our fearsno dragonslust and loversher
what she paintsmelancholybrighter sunour universe
slow burnof silenceonly in dreamscassandra
sonnets of loveserene slumberuse by eternityi took it
crystal dancerszodiac palscontemplationsmisty moon
silent mistyou dead horizondeep within

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