Poetry: Zodiac Pals

Zodiac Pals Robert Levasseur
Let’s Have Some Fun With The Zodiac

I am here to tell you more
of my friends whom I adore.
For constellations twelve in motion
whom I write of with tender devotion.

Aries courageous and energetic
dynamic and is confident
His enthusiasm and his quick wit
it’s a wonder he’s not omnipotent.

And Taurus persistent and so loving
patient and reliably warmhearted.
He’s dependable and quite generous
with his help my business started.

Let’s not forget lively Gemini
communicative and eloquent.
Youthful in their exuberance
they strive to always be content.

Cancer’s protective so sympathetic
shrewd loving and emotional.
Intuitive and imaginative she’ll
help you aspire to the highest goal.

Generous Leo loving and faithful
is generous and warm of heart.
Creative and an enthusiast you
always can trust him from the start.

Modest and shy Virgo is meticulous
reliable practical and truly diligent.
She’s intelligently quite literal and
her sexual technique is heaven-sent.

Libra is sociable and diplomatic
romantic idealist and charming
Peaceable lovely and confounding
assuring with words never harming.

Powerful Scorpio is determined
exciting and forceful and passionate.
His intuition and magnetic mind
help a friend in need doesn’t hesitate.

Sagittarius jovial and good-humored
optimistic honest freedom lover.
An intellectual so philosophical
fantastic mind you will discover.

Patient Capricorn practical prudent
Ambitious yet disciplined reserve.
Her patience and careful approach
to life teaches many things so observe.

Aquarius honest the intellectual
humanitarian friendly originality.
Independent and loyal to the end
he will take his affection to totality.

And finally Pisces so sensitive
imaginative kind and compassionate.
Selfless and intuitive her affection
the world is a better place with her in it.

These are just some friends of mine
they fill my heart with imagination.
Shining way up in night’s sky
each one their own unique constellation.

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