Poetry: Woman

So tell me again how much
we know in this world of ours.
You believe that I would do you
harm? No, that is not my pleasure.

A bird dropped by me today
so I thought I’d tell you a tale:
It was once the way of men to
savagely nab women with clubs.

But you see woman it’s not your
perfume, but the car you drive
it makes me work so hard to
imagine the way of the elders.

And if I told you it was easy
would you have gone with me?
So it’s a large jigsaw puzzle
that I view with a cloudy eye.

Though the hill was steep, and the
pain seeped through, I climbed.
And my mind jumped as I saw
your femininity leap towards me.

It seems rainy to me though…
my head slams into a mirror
nothing escapes the pain of
the way of a woman and a day.

It is, however and so forever
that my thoughts will run away
with the child of the egg and
my feelings remaining void.


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