Poetry: Within My Eyes

Do not wall yourself
dead within my eyes
as Anarkali was, alive
your silent tomb
as if Orpheus
I glance to seek you
but cruel Hades has
torn you back
to his hateful lair.

I am Odysseus
fighting demons
into oblivion
do hasten swiftly
into the night!
Oh, wait for me
resolve is not far off.

Agamemnon hurries
to your shore
valiantly seeking you
do not cower deeply
for he will not find you
cannot bring you back.

Let me not
be Anthony and
believe your death as
truthful permanence
rather to know that you
defer only for this moment
delaying my absolution.

Be not as Layla
and thus exist
in dirt and decay
by my side in awful
deathly consequence
because my madness
built the chasm.

Else, as Victoria I
should mourn you
all the days of my
terrible life
weeping sadly over
your bloody veil
hanging in the lion’s
mouth so that
my sword pierces me.

Aye, rather to be
found out by Arthur
in your arms
breathing my last
kiss into you
struck down in his
mighty rage with you
enveloped in my grasp.

Refuse to be as fickle
as Scarlett only to
return to find a
madman long gone
drifting insanely
wandering incoherently
my love killed to death
with Romeo’s poison.

Sick with longing I
desperately crave
an affirmation
like Tristan’s sail
the sail I
seek in earnest
and what is the truth?
What consequence?

Can it yet be there
will a mighty angel
cascade toward me
carrying in his
emblazoned arms
your listless form?
just thinking be
I cannot ever miss this.


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