Poetry: What You’re Able

So again you say
what it is you say
same shit different
because that’s all
there ever was
whenever you’d play
the minimum chips
you barely waged
and yet I stupidly
played and played
at this gambling
you staged.

You want to cut
you want to
maim so now
I’m All In
I’ll play your
you want to
hurt you want to
you know what
you know
but if it’s all
the same
two can play
blackjack though
my stakes aren’t
the blame.

I’m not the dealer
of jealousy
of afflictions
no I can play
at love
I can risk
it all
I can call
I can show
you my hand
never could
manage the bluff
yes now
all my words
are cut
in a huff.

You should stick
to the roulette
wheel you can’t
hang and
you can’t deal
you’re paranoid
so suspicious
you can’t feel
can’t see the
options while
trying to guess
placing cautions
within your chest
put your gun
to my head
I’m on my knees
in your small
world betting
my chips
I played with

Get over yourself
don’t hedge the
bet nothing is
able to get
your needs met
you wear your
pain like a
suit of armor
use it like
a poisoned
snake charmer
it’s all so shiny
with a diamond chain
a five and dime
sells the knockoff
and I’m insane?

So toss your cards
onto the pile
you’re in denial
you’re quite able
to go so now
you’ve been
play the slots
it costs a lot
less you can
still call the
fold and get
that’s what
you’re about
you never
sat down
with any real

Cookie cut
a path
to your understanding
post a lucky piece
crowd commanding
something from
2 years ago
when you tried
to win the bet
to win your loot
hit the craps
table grab dice
to shoot
get up and go
stay where you
know dump
the card table
you reap what
you reap
you’ll sow what
you’re able.


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