Poetry: Veneration

Your throne awaits your ascension oh my Queen!
Aye, retreat to this immutable secretive place
rise, yes come forth from your lethal darkness
from shadows and bask in eternal rooted glory!

Ruler of my emotions I beseech you to ardently
stride swift into the light inhale the thunder
of those fierce Four Winds drink full the rain
extinguish the scorched fires of dreadful hell
collapse the heavens swallow whole swift tides
lay waste to delusive unsound beliefs so rise!

Enter this kingdom of adoration created beyond
the resilience of immense worlds abundant with
sustenance, sated with such pure supplications
construct from absolute permanence of creation
from the fiery core of flaming desires domains
enter! Revel devoutly in within depths of this
absolute unassailable fortress, this cathedral
of fixed fidelity, my revered temple built for
the great majesty of your magnificence awaits!

Monarch of these my affections Sovereign of my
senses Eminence of my so determinate dominions
take this gift take this my crown of devotions
upon your golden brow and place it in totality
upon the exquisite position of your conscience
that you can forever feel its fervent purpose!

Rise!  Command the armies of your substance to
seek this place to persevere to encamp to slay
incertitude's woe so to rest peacefully within
my awesome resolve, fix your cold fearful gaze
your sweet temperament your disposition within
this allegiance onto my purpose so your sullen
sapphires can shine and burn brightly from the
white lightning of my yet permanent reverence!

Decree to your wandering souls to ravage their
fears to convene so as to forever entomb bleak
unease so forever to slay doubts vigilant fury
decree "Come home, come home for verily he has
surely created a constancy, such is his palace
his citadel that ever hereafter I will rejoice
in this haven of ardent veneration. That I may
take my rightful place in this intimacy of his
utterly indelible exquisitely fashioned love."


  • Never cease to amaze me 🙂

  • This is truly an amazing piece. I’m not surprised its one of your favorites. Wow!

  • I am always so intrigued by your writing. I always read it several times before I comment. You really have a way with words!

    • Thank you Rebecca! I am particularly fond of this one. It might very well be my very favorite write, actually. I seem to always be expressing just how much I love someone and how safe it would be for that love to let her love show to me. This poem took me longer to write than any other poem because of the language, but also because I crafted it so that every letter, of every line, ended exactly at the same point. Kind of like a haven, if you will. I know, way too much to ask anyone to know why I did THAT lol.

  • Does he thinks she is the answer to all his problems? I think she is going to create more havoc – if she could swallow tides and inhale thunder she could spit fire too!– “stride swift into the light inhale the thunder……swallow whole swift tides” – this was really amazing – love the word swift – like it was so urgent and if left another moment it would be all be so unnecessary.

    “Enter this kingdom of adoration” – this is my favorite line – I found it very, very romantic, if I were ever to be asked this, I might swoon – seriously – maybe I have said too much too late can’t erase that now.

    The repeated use of strong words glorifying her outward beauty to me was quite a lot of objectification maybe because he never knew her deep enough just the surface beauty that he was attracted to and making that stick more than things he never knew.

    Words like domain, cathedral, fortress and temple, sacred and revered things mere mortals only walk close to but never allowed full entry into the secret places, you use the words really well Rob, I see each one a replication of the other, carrying more weight even as he worshiped her further from the truth.

    She seems to be a mixture of feelings to him and he can’t decide which disposition he loves better, or maybe she scares him, intimidates him that he needs the lofty words to make her seem softer? He has an old fashioned look on love and wants her to be all these things and hoping he can be her protector but she’s much too strong for him, he may get crushed by her strength.

    I am no scholar and big words and verse structure are really lost on me I am sorry, the ones that affect me most are those drawn from a feeling the writer wants to convey – like cake for example and slow dancing – things I have been denied and want to savour with someone, not alone and then the emotion takes the poem higher. And with that being the way I am I read this poem and maybe I got it wrong but that’s what I saw.

    You are really masterful with the words and I want to explore more. You don’t have a definite style which I think is really endearing as I am surprised by each piece I read. Endearing meaning anything except cute.

    • You are dead on! So appreciative of your thoughts and the time you took. You have an amazing awareness. And thank you for your kind words about my work, I love exploring all styles, rhythm meters. And yes, my notion of love has been forged from thousands of lives and dominions–I know, weird

      • No not weird – I do believe we have traveled many lives and met so many souls along the way we just can’t remember all of them and when we meet again the ones who made an impact on us before stand out – the ones who dented our hearts

  • veneration has a strange meaning to me – like admiring something so out of reach and we get hurt just in the thoughts we create – here both her and his feelings – i see that he is vacillating between being the man she wants him to be and the person he knows he can be proud of without pretense. this in brief- I believe a piece like this needs more than a quick once over – I need words to simmer and soak – give me more time I will say more, but for now I leave you with one last praise – it made my cheeks burn – the starts and stops between lines made me stop breathing and then hyperventilate – amazing flow rob – oh I said I would stop at that one last praise – sorry.

    • Thank you so much, that’s pretty damn close. I was madly in love with a woman late last year and was trying to woo her, but it was not to be

      • Why won’t someone write me something like this! We all fall for the wrong ones who hurt us and then the us who write, produce stuff like this and our hearts never mend right do they?! UGHHH!! Happy you thought it was close – you said it was a favourite so I was really gentle. Apologies if there was offensive words.

      • Ok so my rule for my friends is you never have to apologize to me for being you, always be yourself–It’s safe, and say what you mean and mean what you say. Deal? Gotta get ready for work–which is my assigned therapy job working with the vets I wrote about. Oh, and my about page has links to the deeper me, in case you are bored. Thank you so much again for all the time and care you’ve spent on my work. You make me happy

      • ok deal! just checking the limits. Have a lovely day! And I will go back to the About page, sent you an email from there earlier. hope you got it! Cos I can’t remember what I wrote to send it again!! Sweet day to you Rob and the people you meet today.

  • You write beautifully, describing and penning the moment so exquisitely. I rather admire how you have posed this entire drama and ended it sweetly with love.

    A pleasure to read your word, as always.

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